The Top 10 Rarest Ships in Destiny 2 (January 2023)

There are many different Ships in Destiny 2. These range from the basic ones introduced around the time of the game’s launch to the more complex and extragavant. You might be wondering which Ships are the rarest in Destiny 2, and if so, we’ve compiled a list for you. Before we get into the list, though, a few notes.

First, the rarest Ships at any one time tend to be the most recent ones, since players have had the least time to obtain them. Second, the vast majority of Ships in the game are from the Eververse. That means that getting these didn’t require any particular achievement — just enough Bright Dust or Silver to buy them when they were on sale. The very rarest cosmetics in Destiny 2 also tend to be the ones that were only ever for sale for Silver. Third, the percentages on this list were obtained with the help of Braytech, so they might not reflect all Destiny 2 players.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the rarest Ships in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Lunar Growl

10. Lunar Growl (0.70%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Ships

Released back during the Bungie 30th Anniversary Celebration, Lunar Growl is a uniquely-shaped Destiny 2 Ship that seems to have been lost in the shuffle of cosmetics added to the game at that time.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Xenothalassic Voyage

9. Xenothalassic Voyage (0.69%)

With a striking, organic design, Xenothalassic Voyage seems like the kind of Ship that would be fairly popular in Destiny 2. Perhaps it never achieved this because it was a part of a bundle during the Season of Plunder.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Upward Spiral

8. Upward Spiral (0.52%)

This one is kind of interesting – Upward Spiral is the only Legendary Ship on this list. Released way back in the Forsaken expansion, the Upward Spiral was a part of the Awakened Bundle that was only sold for a single week. It hasn’t been re-released since then, which explains why it’s still so rare despite being much older than the other Ships included here.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Moonshadow Hop

7. Moonshadow Hop (0.51%)

Moonshadow Hop was added to Destiny 2 alongside a Ghost and Sparrow to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in Season of the Seraph. Since it’s already this low on the list after just a brief period of availability, we expect it’ll fall off before the end of the season.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Ascendance Event

6. Ascendance Event (0.34%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Ships

Another Season of the Seraph Ship, Ascendance Event hasn’t had much time to mark its mark yet. Give it a while longer, and you might see its percentage increase.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Unknown Worlds Explorer

5. Unknown Worlds Explorer (0.29%)

The Unknown Worlds Explorer was a part of the Season of the Risen Starter Pack, which helps to explain its rarity. It’s also just  kind of awkward-looking, sort of resembling a giant bug. Maybe Destiny 2 players prefer sleeker-looking vessels.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Exohelian

4. Exohelian (0.28%)

Part of the Infamous Subroutine Bundle in Season of the Seraph, Exohelian looks kind of like a Transformer to us. Still, it’s easy for even a neat-looking Ship to get lost in the piles of Destiny 2 vehicles that already exist.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Arc's Courier

3. Arc’s Courier (0.22%)

The Ship that goes along with the other Arc 3.0 cosmetics, Arc’s Courier was added in Season of the Seraph and thus far doesn’t seem to have impressed many Destiny 2 players into purchasing it.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Impermeable Tanker

2. Impermeable Tanker (0.15%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Ships

It looks real silly and you had to pay Silver to get it as a part of the Season of Plunder Starter Pack, so it’s hardly a surprise that the Impermeable Tanker is so uncommon amongst Destiny 2 players.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ships Gravitic Keel

1. Gravitic Keel (0.12%)

Part of the Season of the Seraph Starter Pack, the Gravitic Keel ship is currently the rarest in Destiny 2, just like its matching Sparrow is the rarest item of its type.