The Top 10 Rarest Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 (January 2023)

There are many different Ghost Shells in Destiny 2. These range from the basic ones introduced around the time of the game’s launch to the more complex and extragavant. You might be wondering which Ghost Shells are the rarest in Destiny 2, and if so, we’ve compiled a list for you. Before we get into the list, though, a few notes.

First, the rarest Ghost Shells at any one time tend to be the most recent ones, since players have had the least time to obtain them. Second, the vast majority of Ghost Shells in the game are from the Eververse. That means that getting these didn’t require any particular achievement — just enough Bright Dust or Silver to buy them when they were on sale. The very rarest cosmetics in Destiny 2 also tend to be the ones that were only ever for sale for Silver. Third, the percentages on this list were obtained with the help of Braytech, so they might not reflect all Destiny 2 players.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the rarest Ghost Shells in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Lunar Lagomorph

10. Lunar Lagomorph Shell (0.35%)

Added alongside some other items to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, the Lunar Lagomorph Shell is only available during two weeks of Season of the Seraph. That said, it might fall off this list by the end of the season, since it seems like a pretty popular item — it just hasn’t been around for long yet.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Unknown Worlds

9. Unknown Worlds Shell (0.29%)

From Season of the Risen, the Unknown Worlds Shell is a space exploration look for your Ghost. We’ve seen this kind of thing before, so maybe that’s why it didn’t resonate with players and remains fairly rare.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Backstroke

8. Backstroke Shell (0.26%)

The Backstroke Shell is from Season 16’s Guardian Games. It’s kind of weird-looking — a little swimming cap on top of your Ghost. Maybe that’s why it’s so uncommon!

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Exotech

7. Exotech Shell (0.25%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells

Added in Season of the Seraph as a part of the Infamous Subroutine Bundle (which also includes the Externalization Sparrow), the Exotech Shell is likely to stay rare as it isn’t being sold for Bright Dust this season.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Skiff Scribbles

6. Skiff Scribbles Shell (0.25%)

The drawn-on Eliksni aesthetic just doesn’t seem to do it for a lot of Destiny 2 players, as evidenced by both the Skiff Scribbles Shell and the Skiffscooter Sparrow being rather rare.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Overcharged Shell

5. Overcharged Shell (0.20%)

Tying in with the Arc Armor Ornaments in Season of the Seraph, we have the Overcharged Ghost Shell. To our eyes, it looks a little silly. Maybe that’s why it’s so rare — not many Guardians have wanted to grab it. Besides, there are already some other Arc-themed Ghost Shells if that’s the look you’re going for.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Convertible

4. Convertible Shell (0.16%)

Are you seeing a theme here? The Convertible Shell was a part of yet another Eververse bundle in Season of the Haunted that came with the also-rare Open-Sky Tourer Sparrow. It’s so cute, though, so maybe Bungie will bring it back in the future.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Sea Shell

3. Sea Shell (0.16%)

A Solstice cosmetic from Season 16, the Sea Shell proved less popular than the donut-themed Sweet Sprinkles Shell that launched alongside it.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Self-Contained Shell

2. Self-Contained Shell (0.15%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells

If you wanted your Ghost to look like it was wearing a little HazMat suit, well, the Self-Contained Ghost Shell is for you. Evidently not many Destiny 2 players wanted that, though, since hardly anyone purchased this shell in the Season of Plunder.

Destiny 2 Rarest Ghost Shells Repulsor

1. Repulsor Shell (0.12%)

Kind of clunky and weird-looking, and, say it with me, part of an Eververse Bundle, the Repulsor Shell is currently the rarest Ghost shell in Destiny 2.