The Rarest Transmat Effects in Destiny 2 (January 2023)

So it’s come to this, huh? Do you really want to know what the rarest transmat effects are in Destiny 2? These cosmetic items change the effect that appears when you load into an area and are perhaps the least important of any cosmetic in the game. Well, second-least, if you count Ghost projections. Well, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 rarest transmat effects in Destiny 2, in case you were curious.

Before we get into it, a few notes. First, we’re not including items from the current season of Destiny 2. Second, transmat effects are almost exclusively purchased from the Eververse, so keep that in mind. Third, it can be hard to find images of some of these effects, and Destiny 2 doesn’t let you preview unacquired cosmetics from old seasons, so in some cases we can only display the icon. Lastly, we’re using Braytech to get these numbers, so they might not reflect the full population of players.

With that out of the way, here’s the list.

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Capsule Gang

10. Capsule Gang Entrance (5.66%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects

A neat homage to Akira, the Capsule Gang Entrance is from Season of the Risen. It’s similar to the Daito Capsule Entrance from way back in Season of Arrivals.

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Pumpkin Bomb

9. Pumpkin Bomb (5.18%)

The Pumpkin Bomb entrance was a reward obtained by upgrading your Festival of the Lost Event Card in 2022, which explains why so few players have it. It’s a nice enough effect, if you like pumpkins or are a big Green Goblin fan. You and me could rule this City, Guardian! Or we could just play Gambit.

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Reanimated Entrance

8. Reanimated Entrance (5.02%)

Another Festival of the Lost transmat effect, Reanimated Entrance makes you look like a mummy bursting out of its bandages. Pretty spooky! This effect came from the version of the event that occurred in Season 11. By the way, did you know that the idea of a curse on Tutankhamen’s tomb was invented by 20th century tabloid journalists?

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Cannon Fodder

7. Cannon Fodder (3.40%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects

This appropriately piratical entrance effect was available during Season of the Plunder. It’s pretty simple — a cannon appears and fires, and then you appear out of the blast. As a kind of novelty, it doesn’t really fit in aesthetically with the idea of being beamed down from your ship. Still, though: [Pirates of the Caribbean theme intensifies]

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Dreaming Shimmer

6. Dreaming Shimmer (2.80%)

Next to Cannon Fodder, Dreaming Shimmer doesn’t look too special. As the name implies, it’s a simple shimmer visual that makes your Guardian appear out of thin air, sort of like old Star Trek transporter effects.

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Baroque Entrance

5. Baroque Entrance (2.57%)

If you really, really love the icon associated with the Solstice Event, then, uh, you’ll enjoy this transmat effect. It creates a burst of light that resembles, though doesn’t seem to exactly match it.

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Cellular Division

4. Cellular Division (2.13%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects

Cellular Division is a pretty neat transmat effect, actually. But it was released alongside a load of other cosmetics during the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event, so it got a little lost in the shuffle.

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Piled High

3. Piled High (1.7%)

A pile of presents appears and then your Guardian shows up. If you guessed that this was a Dawning transmat effect, you’d be right. Go figure, a pile of presents for the Dawning! What will they think of next?

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Contender's Entrance

2. Contender’s Entrance (1.6%)

Another member of the “logo appears briefly” transmat effect club, Contender’s Entrance displays the iconography of the Guardian Games when you spawn in. Why anyone would want to announce their arrival by reminding other players of what is typically the least well-regarded seasonal event in Destiny 2 remains a mystery

Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects Ghost Purple

1. Ghost Purple (1.41%) — Destiny 2 Rarest Transmat Effects

It’s a kind of purple Ghost effect. Not much to say here. Are you happy knowing that Ghost Purple is currently the rarest transmat effect? Does this knowledge add anything to your life? Did a news aggregator pick this piece up and decide that it was worth showing you? Let us know in the comments below.