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The Outer Worlds The Illustrated Manual Walkthrough - How to Get Vicar Max

The climactic quest of the first major story arc in The Outer Worlds tasks you with obtaining a power regulator for your ship, The Unreliable. To get one, you’re going to have to steal it from one of two places: the town of Edgewater, which is full of oppressed company workers that have fallen sick with a plague, or a group of deserters who have fled their corporate overlords and are in desperate need of outside help. 

This is a morally gray choice that sets the stage for the themes The Outer Worlds looks to tackle. Understandably, Parvati, the first companion you’ll gain in the story, is uncomfortable with the ethical ramifications of depriving anyone in the Emerald Vale of power, so she asks the player to seek advice from Vicar Max, Edgewater’s resident spiritual advisor.

While he doesn’t do much to help you make the tough decision, Max does ask that you retrieve a book for him. As a reward, he’ll join you as a companion for the remainder of your journey. This guide will run you through the three steps you must take to complete this quest, called The Illustrated Manual.

Visit the Abandoned Outpost

Vicar Max says that the collector who has the book lives in an abandoned outpost north of Edgewater, which will be your first stop in this quest. You’ll recognize the house by the Cannery sign above the doorway. Be careful when approaching the Collector’s Domicile, though, because some marauders have posted up outside. Take them out and you’re free to explore the house.

On the second floor balcony, you’ll find a note left by the collector. In it, he says he had to stash the book. It’s been hidden in a cave along the nearby river. The location will be marked on your map after reading the note.

Find the River Hideout

The hideout is west of the abandoned outpost, sandwiched between the geothermal plant and Edgewater. Here, a river runs through a cave. Head inside and you’ll find a small alcove along the western wall. Take caution, however, as the area has been booby trapped with landmines. Shoot them from a distance to safely detonate them. 

Inside the alcove is an abandoned campsite. You’ll notice a safe nearby, inside which the book Vicar Max is after is located. You’re going to have to pick the lock in order to get to it. If you’ve been thorough in your exploration up to this point in the story, you should have plenty of mag picks. If not, don’t worry because there are a few hanging out near the safe. Pick them up and pop the door open.

Return to Vicar Max

At this point, you’re free to return to Edgewater and bring the book to Vicar Max. In a goofy twist, he won’t be able to read it because the author wrote in French. Despite this, Max will thank you for your troubles, and ask to join your crew aboard the Unreliable. Agree and you’ve got yourself a brand new companion!

And that’s the quest! What do you think of The Illustrated Manual? How would you rank Vicar Max as a companion? Sound off in the comments below.

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