The Last of Us Part 2 Main Gate Guide – How to Open the Main Gate

After seven years of waiting, The Last of Us Part 2 has finally released! Taking place sometime after the original game, users take control of Ellie and get to explore the ruined, infected city of Seattle. However, to even get into this city you’ll need to complete the first real environmental puzzle of the game. Similar to the previous game, The Last of Us Part 2 features some moments where there is no combat at all and you are forced to explore the world in order to progress. Once you complete the game’s prologue, you and Dina will be tasked with opening the Main Gate so you can bring your horse into the city.

How to Unlock the Main Gate

After the brief climbing section to actually get on the other side of the wall, you will need to reroute power to two different junctions. The first will be on the left, so head up to the small bunker and use a brick or bottle to shatter the glass so you can crawl in. Once inside, go through the bunker to the other side and grab the yellow power cable laying next to the generator. Open up the fence door and connect the yellow cable to the first junction box on your left. Return to the generator and start it up by cranking the cord each time the marker reaches the triangle symbol at the bottom.

Doing so will restore power to the junction box, so go to it and click the button to open up the fence to your right. Now remove the yellow cable from that junction box and toss it over the fence towards the other bunker. Be careful when you are rotating from where you tossed the cable to where it landed since Ellie can snag the cord and accidentally drag it with her! Connect the cable to the power box on the backend of the bunker to power up the main control board.

The Last of Us 2 Main Gate

You won’t need to crank the generator again, so don’t worry about running all the way back to start the power. Head into the bunker you just restored power too and interact with the keypad on the by the switch. Make sure to also pick up the gate code note as well, since you will need this multiple times throughout your journey in Seattle.

Enter 0512 in the keypad to have Ellie automatically open up the main gate so Dina and their horse can enter. However, before you leave jump onto the table along the window behind you and bash it open by pressing square. Climb out and go up the ladder into the guard tower for some extra crafting and upgrade materials. You can then just hop on your horse and use it to jump the barbed wire fences in front of you.

Congratulations, you have successfully arrived in Seattle and you didn’t even kill anyone along the way!