The Division 2 Skills Guide: All Skills and Their Upgrades

The skills system is returning in Ubisoft’s The Division 2. Players might remember how the system worked in the first game with all active abilities split between Medical, Tech, and Security traits. This includes things like the Support Station, Sticky Bomb, and Ballistic Shield.

These skills are back in The Division 2 and Ubisoft has released details on five confirmed abilities. Three are all-new and two are returning fan favorites from the first game.

You can equip two skills at the same time which can be upgraded with skill mods.

Division 2 Faction Fight

Chem Launcher

The Chem Launcher is a new skill in The Division 2. Similar to a grenade launcher, the Chem Launcher shoots out a canister that disperses a cloud on impact.

Firestarter – The gas becomes flammable. A spark from a bullet will ignite the flames. Any enemies smart enough to fire while inside the cloud will self immolate. Even a nearby enemy that panics into the area will start on fire!

Riot Foam – Fires a foam which disperses and rapidly hardens, locking enemies in place. Enemies can break the foam to get free.

Oxidizer – This canister gives off a cloud of corrosive chemicals. The substance eats away at enemy armor and other mechanical items.

Reinforcer – Somehow this cloud repairs armor for you and your allies. If hit directly, it restores more armor than the powder it leaves on the ground, which heals at a slower rate.


Striker – Turns the normal drone into an assault drone that fires its turret at nearby enemies. It can be directed from afar to attack specific targets.

Defender – Switches the drone into a defensive mode. It’ll deflect bullets with “microwave bursts.” Each round drains the battery, limiting how long the turret can remain invincible. The owner can order it to defend allies or items like friendly turrets.

Bombardier – Instructs the drone to perform a bombing run, moving from one side of the zone to the other.

Fixer – Have the drone hover near you or an ally and repair your armor over time. This can also repair other friendly skills.

Tactician (Sharpshooter Only) – Have the drone fly as high up as possible and mark all visible enemies.

Division 2 Crashed Plane


The Hive is essentially a smart grenade. The canister of “advanced micro-drones” are programmed to deliver drones that either damage enemies or heal allies within the weapon’s effect radius.

Stinger – Sends out a swarm of drones which target enemy weak points.

Restorer – Sends out drones to repair allied armor. Automatically restores “an amount” of armor on first impact.

Booster – Gives each allied player a single micro-drone to boost weapon handling, movement speed, and other physical capabilities.

Reviver – Revives allies within range of the Hive. You can either manually order the Hive to revive an ally or hold the button to charge the effect. The longer the button is held, the more health and armor your allies will receive after returning.

Seeker Mine

Explosive – Your typical Seeker Mine. It tracks an enemy and then explodes, but can still be dodged by quicker enemies.

Airburst – Rather than just exploding at an enemy’s feet, the Airburst variant of the Seeker Mine sends a burst round into the air and explodes.

Cluster – Splits the one, typical large bomb into a bunch of smaller versions. Each has their own tracking software, but unlike the Explosive Mine, these only move to the enemies’ location at the time you deploy them.

Mender (Survivalist Only) – Seeks out an ally and deploys a cloud of repair chemicals. Restores allied armor over time. The mine will automatically seek out allies that have no armor if you do not to instruct it to do otherwise.

division 2 classes-1


Assault – This offensive turret will attack the closest enemy.

Incinerator – Replace the machine gun with a flamethrower that fires in a cone. You can also toggle it on and off.

Sniper – Sacrifices firing speed for more damage and an increased range. Always targets the same enemy you’re firing at though there is a slight delay if you quickly switch targets.

Artillery (Demolitionist Only) – This turret is manually aimed, firing artillery in an arc at your targeted position.


Scanner – Pulses the surrounding area for hostiles, highlighting them on your HUD.

Remote – Deploy the pulse at a set location. It will continually pulse the area around it, marking hostiles.

Jammer – Pulses outwards, overloading and disabling hostile electronics. Stuns and disorients enemies.


Bulwark – Provides full body cover from forward facing fire. Only sidearms can be used while this is equipped.

Crusader – A lighter shield that lets you use primary weapons while equipped. Leaves legs vulnerable to fire.

Deflector – Incoming bullets ricochet off of the shield. Those bullets will be redirected to a nearby highlighted enemy within clear line of sight. Only a sidearm may be used.

There’s still a lot to be uncovered about The Division 2 skills. Ubisoft is still releasing more information as we get closer to release. That said, there were 12 total skills in the original Division. Each came with three different mods that significantly altered how they behaved.

We’ll be sure to update this guide (and the rest of our coverage) with more information as we get closer to release, too. Until then, feel free to check out any of our other guides for The Division 2 elsewhere on the site.