The Division 2 Owl Statue Easter Egg Guide: Secret of the Owls

The Division 2 is packed with Easter Eggs, some of which are hidden so brilliantly that they’ve taken weeks of searching for players to find. The Division 2 Secret of the Owls Easter Egg, which involves lighting candles at seven owl statues to unlock a secret room belonging to the mysterious Morovian Society, is one of our favorites. It’s also one of the most complex to follow in full — but don’t worry, because in this guide we’ll take you through the process step-by-step. Here’s how to find The Division 2 Secret of the Owls Easter Egg.

Note that most of the credit for the steps below goes to Reddit user iArkeus and other sleuths who worked out exactly how to find the secret room. Good work!

What to Do Before You Find the Division 2 Secret of the Owls Easter Egg

You can’t just complete The Division 2 Secret of the Owls Easter Egg whenever you want: you need the right setup first. In order to perform the steps needed to unlock the secret Morovian Society room, you first need to:

  • Reach World Tier 5. You can read about how to unlock this fifth and final tier in our World Tier guide!
  • Complete the Invaded Roosevelt Island stronghold. Invaded strongholds rotate on a weekly basis that resets on a Thursday — check that the Roosevelt Island stronghold is currently Invaded before taking it on. If it is, you’ll be able to switch between the regular and Invaded versions by holding the G key on PC (or the corresponding button on console)
  • Do not interact with the owls as you run through the mission
  • After you beat the stronghold’s final boss, the map loops back around to the start. Stay in the mission area. You’re ready to begin interacting with those owls!

How to Find and Interact With the Owl Statues – The Division 2

To unlock the hidden room in The Division 2 Secret of the Owls Easter Egg, you have to interact with seven owl statues in the right order. Note that the order you interact with them is different to the order you’ll encounter them in the level.

To avoid confusion, we’ll set them out in the order you’ll find them after you loop back to the start of the level. DO NOT interact with them in this order: we’ll tell you where each owl sits in the sequence further down this post. The notes below are intended to help you find out where each one is before interacting with it.

If you interact with a statue in the correct order, it will produce a green flame when lit. Note that these owl names are not official — credit for them goes to Reddit user iArkeus.

Order in Which You’ll Encounter the Owls – The Division 2

Bridge Owl – At the start of the mission, you’ll come across a wooden bridge. When you’re about two-thirds of the way across, you’ll pass some debris on your left-hand side. Walk past the debris and you’ll see a break in the barrier on your left. Look to your left again, and you’ll see the statue of the owl.

Order in the activation sequence: 5

The Division 2 Crops Owl
Source: Reddit user iArkeus

Crops Owl – Later, you’ll come across a burnt-out body of a plane with a banner reading “This is our territory” hung across it. Before you go through the plane, turn right, and you’ll see a tent with a white cloth cover. Behind that tent, you’ll find another owl.

Order in the activation sequence: 3

Dog Girl Owl – After the area with the body-burning pits, which is marked by a “Body Incinerator” sign, you’ll enter a zone marked “Morgue Area.” Run a short distance into this area until you see an ammo box. Turn left at the box, hop over the mossy log, and you’ll see an owl next to the bodies of a dog and a girl.

Order in the activation sequence: 6

The Division 2 Camp Owl
Reddit user iArkeus

Camp Owl – Carry on until you reach Camp Area E. Hop over the metal fence shortly after entering the area, turn left, and run through the blue tent. Carry on to the back of this area, heading east. You’ll soon find a sign that reads ‘Crops’, with yellow letters on a black background. Look to your left, to where this sign is facing, and hop over the waist-high metal wall. The next owl will be on your right.

Order in the activation sequence: 7

Emeline’s Owl – Reach Emeline’s control room, which is a big network of yellow tents with a “Do not enter” sign on the outside. Before you take Emeline’s escape tunnel — the entrance is marked by a picture frame of a man playing an instrument — turn right, and you’ll come to a clearing. The owl is to your right, near the farthest tree. Note that if you drop down Emeline’s escape tunnel, you’ll have to come all the way back around to activate the owl.

Also note that this is the first owl you need to interact with. So feel free to hit it now if you like! Not only that, this is the location where the secret room will open once you interact with all the owls in order.

Order in the activation sequence: 1

Tunnel Owl – Go through Emeline’s escape tunnel. As soon as you resurface, look behind you and to your right. Next to the fence, between a clearing in the bushes, is the next owl.

Order in the activation sequence: 4

Exit Owl – On your way out of the mission area, you’ll pass a “No Entry” sign above a wooden walkway. Carry on until you see a bench on the left-hand side. Just after the bench, there’s an area on the left where you can drop down into the swamp. The Exit Owl is here! If you already hit Emeline’s owl, you might as well do this one now, too.

Order in the activation sequence: 2

The Division 2 Meeting Room Owl
Reddit user iArkeus

Order to Activate the Owls – The Division 2

You need to activate the owls in the following order. Note that this will involve a lot of backtracking, as well as looping back from the end of the mission to the start via Emeline’s escape tunnel.

  • Emeline’s Owl
  • Exit Owl
  • Crops Owl
  • Tunnel Owl
  • Bridge Owl
  • Dog Girl Owl
  • Camp Owl

When you activate all the owl statues in the right order, you’ll hear an owl hoot.

How to Find the Secret Room Once You Activate the Owl Statues

After you activate all the statues, you need to return to the site of Emeline’s Owl. To the left of the owl, behind some bushes, you’ll find an opening in the floor. Drop into the opening and push open the door to enter the secret room.

Poke around this room and (like others have been doing) try to figure out its secrets. If you use your salute emote at the giant owl statue, you’ll get the following audio recording:

“The gears are turning, the plans in motion. We will have to scatter to avoid detection. This may be the last meeting of the Morovian Society. We will seal this site until another who knows the ritual can re-open it.”

We don’t know what this all means yet… or what the Morovian Society is in The Division 2. No doubt we’ll find out more soon.

If you still need pointers, we recommend this detailed video walkthrough. Thanks for reading!