How to Beat Dizzy, Ricochet, & Weasel – The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Guide

All right, here you are. Boomer has been defeated and it’s on to the next Operation Dark Hours encounter. After some more battling, you’ll make your way to an air hanger. Here you’ll encounter Dizzy, Ricochet, & Weasel. Thankfully there’s no wipe mechanic in this one so as long enough of the squad stays alive, you should be good. This is our Division 2 Operation Dark Hours guide for taking down the Cargo Delivery encounter with Dizzy and Ricochet.

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The Cargo Delivery encounter requires your team to split up into two squads. One half should descend down one rappel point, while the other half takes the other. The second encounter will not start until the terminals on both sides of the plane are activated within five seconds of each other. So feel free to head on down and talk strategy until then.

On either side of the plane, one terminal will light up green. The person in charge of the terminals on that side must communicate this to the person on the other side. The second person then needs to activate the same terminal at the same time. We recommend having two players dedicated to dealing with these terminals. You’ll need to return to them throughout the fight!

When the fight first starts, Ben “Dizzy” Carter and Carl “Richochet” Dawson will enter on opposite sides of the arena. You’ll also see purple smoke start filling the room. This smoke provides a debuff, called Choking Weapon, that reduces your weapon damage. As the smoke builds up, the debuff will get stronger and stronger until you’re barely doing any damage.

The only way to clear it is to activate those aforementioned terminals in the correct pattern. Correctly inputting these commands will turn off the purple smoke, replacing it with orange smoke. This orange spray provides the Armor Breaker debuff — making Dizzy and Ricochet weaker.

Cargo Delivery Guide: Weasel Boss Fight – Operation Dark Hours Raid

When either boss is defeated, the section of the plane with the terminals will raise up, allowing both teams to regroup. It also takes away the terminals, disabling your ability to turn off the purple smoke. The two smokes will now start to alternate over time. That means you can no longer control when you can and cannot deal damage. Because of this, it’s important to kill Dizzy and Ricochet as close to simultaneously as possible.

When either boss is dead, the third and final boss of the encounter will spawn. This is Oliver “Weasel” Gordon. He’s a grenadier who will make it really, really hard to stay in cover during the purple smoke rotation. Simply take him down without everyone dying to advance through this leg of the raid.

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