The Division 2 Boomer Guide – Beating the First Operation Dark Hours Boss

The Division series finally has a raid! Operation Dark Hours came out yesterday and thankfully the entire thing has fallen in just about five hours. While your first attempt may take you just as long, we’re here to help! First up, a look at The Division 2 Boomer boss from the first Operation Dark Hours encounter.

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Boomer Boss Fight Guide – Operation Dark Hours Raid

The first boss encounter in the raid is against Max “Boomer” Bailey. Your double-sized squad will enter a small airport food court with a bunch of enemies inside. Defeat them and then Boomer, a very heavily armored enemy, will burst into the area. Boomer is immune to nearly all forms of damage. The only things that can hurt him are the two mounted miniguns on opposite sides of the food court. The objective is to line Boomer up between the two miniguns, and then blow up his backpack. That will force him to kneel and recover. While he’s inhibited, Boomer becomes weakened — and vulnerable to damage from all normal sources. Time to unload!

That’s the gist of it, at least, but of course it’s never that simple.

Across from each minigun are two large electronic cubes that, when active, emit circular blue areas. These make enemies inside also immune to all forms of damage. You can tell it’s happening when ISAC chimes in to warn of defense mechanisms coming online. You can preempt the activation, after ISAC’s warning, by heading to the center area. Interact with the laptops at all the four corners of the counters. At first only one laptop needs activating. Over the course of the fight, however, you’ll need more and more team members to interact with them at the same time. If you fail to do this, and the AOE does turn on, the only way to turn it back off is by damaging each cube with its respective minigun.

Map by Hap_R6 on /r/TheDivision.

As you do all of this, additional generic enemies begin to spawn. They can also become immune while inside the blue AOE circle.

During this entire raid encounter, Boomer will aggro to one member of the party. You can tell which one by the red eye and a “Boomer” label underneath their name (next to the squad health bars). It’s this person’s job to stay alive and keep Boomer within sight of the miniguns. That way the other squadmates can damage him. Note that Boomer’s target should stay away from the miniguns themselves. If that person gets too close to one, Boomer will rush up and destroy the emplacement, removing it from the encounter altogether. If both miniguns are destroyed, or the squad wipes, you fail the encounter.

After one full damage cycle, when Boomer gets back up after being stunned, he’ll throw an EMP grenade at the minigun that downed him. This disables the gun for a short time, but does not destroy it. At this point, you just want to rotate to the other side of the court and use the opposite minigun.

After each damage cycle, Boomer can attempt to regenerate health — indicated by his front armor. When the panel glows green, this means that he’s actively regenerating health. Thankfully, this can be disabled by damage from any source. Make sure to shoot the panel as quickly as possible!

Repeat these damage cycles until Boomer is defeated. And congratulations on beating the food court segment of the Operation Dark Hours raid!

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