The Best Void Hunter Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall

For some time, Void Hunters in Destiny 2 have been known for a powerful build based on turning invisible to not only buff attacks but also increase their chances of surviving in endgame content. Even with the new mod system in Lightfall, this Void Hunter build is still quite strong.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Hunter Void Subclass Options

The aspects give an identity to this build. With Vanishing Step, you become invisible for a period of time when you use your class ability. In the second slot, you should go for Trapper’s Ambush, an aspect that allows you to use Quickfall to become invisible by consuming a melee charge. Stylish Executioner is also an option, but it depends on how you approach the fights in the game.

There are two fragments you should run in every situation: Echo of Persistence and Echo of Starvation. While the former increases the duration of Void buffs — invisibility for example — the latter grants you Devour when you pick up a Void Breach or Orb of Power. A third possibility is Echo of Cessation, in case you’re running Stylish Executioner. With it, whenever you use a finisher, a burst of Void damage is created which applies volatile to enemies, and when targets affected by this effect are killed, a Void Breach is created. 

Destiny 2 Lightfall Hunter Void Armor and Weapons

There are two main options that synergize well with this build. The first is the Omnioculus, an Exotic chest armor that adds some effects to invisibility, such as damage resistance. Your second option is Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk. This Exotic armor chest will give your Void weapons Volatile Rounds when you get out of invisibility.

In terms of weapons, you should carry at least one of the Void type to proc the effect of some mods. The submachine gun Funnelweb is a solid one for you to use. Although this build isn’t strictly based on Void damage from guns, the arsenal you have at your disposal should be taken into consideration when picking some mods. 

Destiny 2 Lightfall Hunter Void Mods and Artifact Mods

Some armor mods are extremely important to make this build work, since they are responsible for two main effects: generating Orbs of Power and generating class ability and grenade energy. In your helmet, Harmonic Siphon is great since it will generate Orbs of Power when you kill an enemy with a weapon with the same element of your subclass. If you’re carrying weapons of other elements, you should consider picking the specific Siphon mod that matches their types.

For your gauntlets, Momentum Transfer is a good option to reduce the cooldown of your melee ability, as well as Firepower which creates Orbs of Power for enemies killed with grenades. Bolstering Detonation is also an important mod because you gain class ability energy when damage is caused by a grenade.

When it comes to chest armor mods, go for what you think will help the most to survive the fights you are facing, but keep in mind that Font of Endurance synergizes pretty well with other mods you have. There is also Charged Up, which increases the number of stacks of Armor Charge you have by 1.

The leg armor slot has some important mods, such as Invigoration, Innervation, and Insulation that reduce melee cooldown, grenade cooldown, as well as class ability cooldown when you pick up an Orb of Power. You may want to change one of them for Void Weapon Surge which boosts the damage of your Void Weapon. For the Hunter Cloak, Utility Kickstart is one of the most important mods, since it uses the Armor Charge stacks you have to gain class ability energy.  

When it comes to artifact mods, there aren’t many great ones for Void Hunter, but some can be quite helpful in case you have them. Authorized Mods: Grenades and Authorized Mods: Void reduce the armor energy cost of mods related to these two items. Volatile Flow is also a solid option for this build, considering it will grant your weapon Volatile Rounds when you pick up an Orb of Power.