The Best Arc Weapons for Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2

Looking for the best weapons to roll with Arc 3.0 Fragments and buffs? Here you go.

Arc 3.0 is only a few days away in Destiny 2, and if you’re trying to prepare for the updated subclasses coming with the next season, I’ve got you. We don’t know all of the Fragments that will be available with Arc 3.0 just yet, but based on the ones Bungie has told us about, here’s a list of some of the weapons that you might want to pick up to play around with the new mechanics.

The key to Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2 seems to be the amplified buff. Remember, Guardians can become amplified after rapidly defeating targets with any Arc damage, which includes weapons. While you’re amplified, you can take advantage of the Fragment Spark of Beacons, which creates blinding explosions on Arc special weapon kills. Here are some Arc weapons you might want to play around with using that Fragment, but also just as general tools to gain amplified:

The Keening / Trespasser — A sidearm that can roll some pretty great perks, including Subsistence and One For All, this could be a fun one to play around with. Of course, we got a great Exotic Arc sidearm in Season of the Haunted in the returning Trespasser, which is already pretty neat as an add clear weapon and should make activating amplified a breeze.

Dead Weight — You’ll have to get a new roll of this next season, but remember that the Gambit origin trait Invader Tracker is getting reworked to grant a sprint speed increase on multi-kills. If this stacks with amplified and Speed Booster, things might get silly pretty quick.

Trinity Ghoul — I mean, duh. If we’re talking about the best Arc 3.0 weapons, then the already-strong Trinity Ghoul is likely going to be omnipresent. Plus, we’re getting an Overload Bow mod.

Sweet Sorrow — A solid 720 RPM auto rifle that launched back in Risen, Sweet Sorrow could potentially be a popular choice next season. Good candidate for an Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle if you aren’t running Arbalest to pop champions.

Thunderlord — We’re getting an Overload LMG mod next season, and Thunderlord will pair great with it.

Forbearance / Salvager’s Salvo — We’ve got two great Arc breech grenade launchers right now, and either one of them will benefit from Spark of Beacons — as well as help you get amplified.

IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2 — This thing simply will not die, even as Warmind Cells have fallen somewhat out of favor. Expect to see even more of it when it plays well with updated Arc subclasses.

Contingency Plan / Eternal Blazon — Scout Rifles are getting a 10% damage buff against red bars next season, so these might be worth playing around with, especially with Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle in high-level Nightfalls with Arc burn.

Interference VI / Anarchy — Heavy grenade launchers are getting a 10% buff to damage to majors and above, and Interference VI is your best non-Exotic Arc pick. Of course, we could also see the return of Anarchy…

Half Truths / — This Arc sword is getting a new origin trait next season. We don’t know what it is yet, but it’s already a solid sword option, and the addition of that trait plus swords fitting in with Arc 3.0’s emphasis on getting up close and personal will likely raise its stock.

Cloudstrike — Arc 3.0 plus the return of Anti-Barrier Sniper is going to make this Exotic even more useful than it already is. There isn’t much in the way of Legendary Arc sniper rifles right now, but if you want to run one then Adored is probably your best bet.

Stormchaser — If you don’t already have a good roll of this thing, try to farm the last boss of Duality for one — it’s already worth it, and it’s going to be even better with Arc 3.0.