The Best Apex Legends Weapons – Weapons Tier List

In Apex Legends, choosing the right character is only part of the path to victory. You need to pick the right weapons, too! There’s a number of firearms available to pick up in the battle royale, but not all of them are created equal… And there’s bound to be more on the way!

Our Apex Legends weapon tier list will show off all the weapons of the game, with a few basic stats for each. This should give you the knowledge you need to pick the gear that matches your playstyle! But first, here’s a very general breakdown of our thoughts on Apex Legends weapons.

  • S Tier (Legendary) – Mastiff, Kraber
  • A Tier – Prowler Burst PDW, Wingman, VK-47 Flatline, Peacekeeper, M600 Spitfire
  • B Tier – Devotion, G7 Scout, R-99, Longbow, Hemlok Burst AR
  • C  Tier – Alternator, EVA-8 Auto, Triple Take, R-301 Carbine
  • D Tier – P2020, RE-45 Auto
  • E Tier – Mozambique (expect a buff)

Note: Apex Legends added the Havoc energy rifle on Feb. 20, 2019. We haven’t played with it enough to rank it just yet, but it seems awfully cool. You can read our full guide to the Havoc rifle in Apex Legends here.

The Best Apex Legends Shotguns

Shotguns are best known for their spread damage. Use them at close-range to fill your foe full of shrapnel, dealing tons of damage in the process. It’s a perfect pick for players who want to get up close and personal when battling other squads!

There are currently four Shotguns to choose from right now. We recommend that you look out for two of them:

  • Peacekeeper – This is the real winner.  Make sure to take it with you if you’re a close-range combatant. It fires slower than other common shotguns, but if the entire spread hits a target, you’ll knock basic armor out with ease. A second shot at full power will down them.
  • Mastiff – The Mastiff is an incredibly powerful shotgun. A successful headshot does a whopping 288 damage, effectively downing almost anyone in Apex Legends. However, the Mastiff is also an exceptionally rare Legendary weapon. As such it can only be found in supply drops. On top of that, you only get 20 shots before you run out of ammo and need to replace it. You cannot reload normal ammo into Legendary weapons.

We’d also like to give a special shout out to the Mozambique! This shotgun, originally categorized as a pistol, is so bad that players would rather go without a weapon than choose it! You can only fire three times before reloading and it doesn’t do much damage. It’s just terrible. Although we’d be amazing if Respawn doesn’t buff it sometime soon.

The Best Apex Legends Pistol

Pistols are light and fast, but a bit lower on the damage front. Different pistols use different types of ammo, making them decent secondary weapons. They’re kind of a hard weapon type to rank, as overall pistols can be a bit underwhelming. However, there’s currently a clear leader of the pack:

  • Wingman – The Wingman does 45 damage to the body per shot and 90 for a headshot. That makes it the clear damage winner for pistols. It’s a bit on the slow side in terms of firing speed, and requires the slightly rare heavy ammo variant, but you can mitigate most of its shortcomings with attachments.

The Best Apex Legends Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are pretty self-explanatory. As the choice for long-range combat, you’ll be able to pick off enemies from afar, with little fear of retaliation. sniper rifles can be made even better with attachments. Every Apex Legends sniper rifle has its uses, but there are two clear winners:

  • Longbow DMR – The Longbow is a bit slower than other sniper rifles, but it compensates with raw damage. When you’re sniping someone, what matters most is how much you can do with that perfect shot… and with only a couple rounds, this one will let you knock someone down.
  • Kraber .50-Cal – Like the Mastiff, this Legendary sniper rifle is very powerful. Also like the Mastiff, you can only grab it from supply drops and can’t replenish its ammo. However, one headshot does 250 damage, so a single clip can wipe out an entire squad.

Apex Legends Submachine Guns

Submachine guns are currently a weird class of weapon to rank. Each of the three available Sub Machine Guns are pretty different from one another. And while, for the time being, we might just recommend a different kind of gun altogether, these guns have their uses.

  • Prowler Burst PDW – This Submachine gun fires five rounds with each pull of the trigger. Each hit lands 14 damage to the body for a total of 70 in a single burst. That’s quite a lot, but its strange nature as short- to mid-range burst weapon leaves the Prowler feeling awkward… That is until you find a weapon-specific full-auto attachment. Its fast rate of fire means you have to reload quickly, but the Prowler can become very powerful in the right hands.
  • Alternator – The Alternator is slower than the Prowler, but uses the more common Light Ammo instead of heavy. You can also shoot 16 times before reloading (without an extended mag). This is a solid pick, particularly in tight quarters, even if it’s not the best.
  • R-99 – This is more like a “real-world” submachine gun — more-so than the other choices for this weapon class, anyway. It’s a fast-firing weapon that deals 12 damage per body shot and 18 for a headshot. With the firing rate, it should be easy to pump an enemy full of lead.

Apex Legends Light Machine Guns

At the moment there are only two light machine guns in Apex Legends. They’re both pretty good, too, offering a fast rate-of-fire and decent damage! Either one is a good addition to your loadout, but make sure you know the differences between the two.

  • Devotion – Using very rare Energy Ammo, this weapon fires faster the longer you hold down the trigger. It’s only 17 damage a body hit (twice that for a headshot), but the damage builds up quickly at the end of the mag.
  • Spitfire – This light machine gun is a bit more predictable than the Devotion. It also does a bit more damage per shot, although you lose the unique windup mechanic. If you’re looking for a simple, no bells and whistles weapon that does its job, this is the pick for you.

The Best Apex Legends Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are best for mid-range encounters — which just so happens to be the most common engagement range in Apex Legends right now. With decent range and damage rates, Assault Rifles can help you get the job done without getting up close and personal. That’s assuming you aren’t fond of sniper rifles, of course.

There are three Assault Rifles to choose from, but one stands above the rest:

  • VK-47 Flatline – The Flatline has the highest damage of all the available Assault Rifles: 32 HP per headshot. On top of that, the weapon boasts great accuracy and minimal recoil. The Flatline is a great weapon for most situations, let alone the best Assault Rifle.