The 6 Best Auto Rifles to Get Before the Primary Buff in Destiny 2

Yesterday, Bungie announced that there will be a big damage buff coming to most primary weapon types in Destiny 2. While this only impacts our damage against red and orange-bar enemies, this 25% increase should make auto rifles an exceptionally strong choice for PVE endgame content. Because of that, it’s time for players to start digging in their vaults and keeping an eye out for god rolls of various auto rifles. So to help all of you who instantly delete any auto rifle that enters your inventory, here are six of my top choices that you should absolutely farm for. Keep in mind, I am deciding to add one auto rifle for each damage type. This ensures that no matter what build you’re using, you’ll have a gun that can synergize with your subclass. Here are 6 of the best auto rifles you should farm for in Destiny 2:

Best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2

Best Auto Rifles Destiny 2

1. Seventh Seraph Carbine

  • Source: World drop and Spire of the Watcher dungeon
  • Craftable: No
  • God Roll: Reconstruction/Target Lock

A personal favorite and one of the best Kinetic auto rifles in Destiny 2, the Seventh Seraph Carbine is an absolute monster. Boasting terrific base stats and a strong perk pool, this weapon is more than capable of devastating anything before. One of the few weapons on this list that’s strong even before the 25% damage increase, I expect to see a lot of this weapon after this update goes live. If you’re looking to snag this firearm, I strongly recommend the Reconstruction/Target Lock roll as it gives you a great way to restore ammo while dealing a lot of damage to foes.

Best Auto Rifles Destiny 2

2. Rufus’s Fury

  • Source: Root of Nightmares raid
  • Craftable: Yes
  • God Roll: Demolitionist/Hatchling or Reconstruction/Target Lock

When it comes to Strand primaries there aren’t a lot of terrific options right now. Most of this is due to how little damage these weapons do, which should be rectified following this buff. Of all the Strand guns, Rufus’s Fury is absolutely the best of the bunch. This is largely due to the terrific perk pool that synergizes wonderfully with several Strand builds across all three classes. My personal favorite is Demolitionist/Hatchling, as this can give needed consistency to the Warlock’s Threadling build. Plus, this weapon is craftable which gives players access to enhanced perks.

Destiny 2

3. Krait – Best Auto Rifles Destiny 2

  • Source: World drop
  • Craftable: No
  • God Roll: Overflow or Subsistence/Headstone

Currently, there are only two Stasis auto rifles in the game. Of the two, I am picking Krait solely because I’ve always found the Vieststinger perk more appealing than the Herod-C’s Hakke Breach Armaments. Krait is a potent Stasis weapon, largely due to the perk combinations you can utilize with this weapon. Overflow/Headstone allows users to not only flood their magazine with bullets but consistently create Stasis crystals that you can detonate to easily kill groups of enemies. The Veiststinger perk also has a chance to refund some ammo whenever you damage a foe, which is great for an auto rifle boasting over 50 rounds. However, if you do want something that fires a bit slower you can always farm for the Herod-C in Gambit.

Best Auto Rifles Destiny 2

4. Gnawing Hunger

  • Source: Sold by Xur or Banshee-44
  • Craftable: No
  • God Roll: Subsistence/Demolitionist or Rampage

Gnawing Hunger is a weapon that has stood the test of time. Introduced way back in Season of the Drifter, this auto rifle has always remained popular thanks to its superb base stats, damage output, and perk combinations. While the current version doesn’t boast any fun Void keyword perks like Destabilizing Rounds, it still has access to popular options like Subsistence, Demolitionist, and Swashbuckler. The only downside is obtaining this weapon, as it’s currently not available in Gambit so players will need to wait until Xur or Banshee-44 sells a good roll of this weapon.

Best Auto Rifles Destiny 2

5. Sweet Sorrow -Best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2

  • Source: Xur or Banshee-44
  • Craftable: Yes
  • God Roll: Stats For All/One For All or Triple Tap/Demolitionist

Surprisingly, there are actually a few solid choices when it comes to Arc auto rifles. While the Dark Decider rolling with Voltshot is fun, I ultimately landed on Sweet Sorrow thanks to its solid damage and the fact that you can craft one. Previously available in Season of the Risen, Sweet Sorrow can now be obtained via being sold by Banshee-44 or Xur. We also know that players will be able to acquire Deepsight variants of this gun in the future, but details on this are still unknown. As for the gun itself, you can go with the Stats For All/One For All combo and embrace the ultimate perk synergy. On the other hand, Triple Tap/Demolitionist is great for those planning to utilize Sweet Sorrow in a more ability-focused build.

Best Auto Rifles Destiny 2

Ammit AR2

  • Source: Foundry Resonance quest
  • Craftable: Yes
  • God Roll: Triple Tap/Incandescent or Adrenaline Junkie

The easiest weapon on this list to obtain, Ammit AR2 should not be overlooked because it’s a firearm designed to teach players about the crafting system. Ammit AR2 is perfect for those who love to set the world on fire or just spam grenades at their enemies. Similar to other 450 RPM (rounds-per-minute) auto rifles, the Ammit AR2 has solid stats and will be an absolute monster following the 25% damage increase. Where it really shines is in the perk pool, as this beauty can get Incandescent which is one of the strongest PVE perks in the entire game. Plus, Ammit AR2 is craftable so you can get enhanced versions of all these perks and fine-tune this firearm.