The 5 Best PVE Heavy Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2 (March 2023)

Heavy grenade launchers in Destiny 2 have ranged from being DPS meta to sort of lackluster options. However, they got a nice buff in Lightfall, so they’re a little more effective these days. There aren’t that many of them in the game compared to some other weapon types, so here are our picks for the 5 best PVE heavy grenade launchers in Destiny 2. This list isn’t in any particular order — these are all great weapons depending on your needs and preferences.

Update History

  • Removed Crowd Pleaser and Parasite, added Regnant and Marsilion-C

Destiny 2 Marsilion-C

1. Marsilion-C — Best Destiny 2 Heavy Grenade Launchers

A craftable Solar grenade launcher (though good luck getting the pattern to drop), Marsilion-C has everything you’d want in a weapon of its type. All the great perks are here: Full Court, Explosive Light, Field Prep, Envious Assassin, and so on. Really its only major downside is its Origin Trait — Hakke Breach Armaments just isn’t that useful on a grenade launcher.

Best Destiny 2 Power Grenade Launchers Interference VI

2. Interference VI

Thanks to a great perk pool, Interference VI has been a reliable grenade launcher in Destiny 2 for years. For boss DPS, you’ve got Spike Grenades. You’ve got three different outstanding ammo perks in Clown Cartridge, Field Prep, and Auto-Loading Holster. And you’ve got Full Court for damage. What more could you want in an Arc grenade launcher?

Best Destiny 2 Power Grenade Launchers Wendigo GL3

3. Wendigo GL3

Way back when, Wendigo GL3 was a seasonal ritual weapon. It was brought back as a regular Nightfall weapon in Season of the Seraph with some new perks and a choice of three Origin Traits. You can still rock the old perk combination of Auto-Loading Holster and Explosive Light, but now you’ve got other options. Field Prep can be nice for unloading your grenade launcher on a boss and reloading quickly, and Frenzy can further boost reload speed while giving you a flat damage buff. You’ve got choices, is what we’re saying. And there’s even an Adept version available, if you’re interested in that.

Best Destiny 2 Power Grenade Launchers Typhon GL5

4. Typhon GL5 — Best Destiny 2 Heavy Grenade Launchers

The lone heavy Stasis grenade launcher in Destiny 2 (that Exotic one doesn’t count), Typhon GL5 is a great pick regardless of whether you’re a Stasis user or not. It’s got a lot of the perks you’d want on a heavy grenade launcher, plus it can roll the Stasis-exclusive Chill Clip. Note that Explosive Light increases blast radius, which is at counterpurposes with Spike Grenades, so you may not get the full damage boost you expect by combining the two perks. It’s a world drop weapon, but its perk pool isn’t too big. Thus, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your desired roll.

Destiny 2 Regnant

5. Regnant

Regnant is basically Void-flavored Wendigo, albeit with some fun new twists. You have your pick of Envious Assassin or Auto-Loading Holster in the third column, and while the former requires more setup it can really prime you for some huge burst damage. You’re probably going to want to run Explosive Light in the fourth column, especially given how easy it is to generate Orbs with the new mod system. That said, there’s meme potential in Cascade Point.