The 10 Best PVE Sidearms in Destiny 2 (March 2023)

Sidearms aren’t always the most popular weapons in Destiny 2, requiring you to get up close and personal with your foes. Still, they can be effective in the right circumstances, so here are our picks for the 10 best PVE sidearms in Destiny 2 This list isn’t in any particular order — these are all great weapons depending on your needs and preferences.

Update History

  • Removed Boudica-C and Devil’s Ruin, added Buzzard and Final Warning

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms Traveler's Chosen

1. Traveler’s Chosen — Best Destiny 2 PVE Sidearms

An Exotic sidearm that helps recharge your abilities, Traveler’s Chosen is a great all-purpose weapon. It even got a bit of a boost with the introduction of the Full Auto Mod. Since its Catalyst used to provide that feature, it now gets the Surplus perk instead. A lot of fun and potentially even more powerful with 3.0 mods thanks to Osmosis.

Destiny 2 Final Warning

2. Final Warning

Final Warning is one of two Strand sidearms in the game right now, and it’s definitely the better pick. The ability to Unravel enemies on demand makes it an absolute beast when it comes to add clear, and it’s a ton of fun to use.

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms Liminal Vigil

3. Liminal Vigil

Added in the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon in Season of the Seraph, Liminal Vigil is an excellent Stasis sidearm that, much like Donkey Kong’s famous coconut gun, fires in spurts. And thanks to perks like Desperado and Headstone, you can rest assured that when you shoot your enemies with it, it’s going to hurt.

Destiny 2 Buzzard

4. Buzzard — Best Destiny 2 PVE Sidearms

The old ritual weapon Buzzard returns in Season of Defiance, and it’s got a bunch of new perks to play around with, including the Kinetic-exclusive Kinetic Tremors. And now that Kinetic weapons deal even more damage to unshielded enemies, Buzzard can finally shine in PVE.

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms Drang

5. Drang (Baroque)

When Drang was reintroduced in Season of the Haunted, it got a major upgrade in the form of Incandescent. Really, that’s the main reason why you might want to use it. Even without Sturm in your kinetic slot — because let’s be real, you’re probably not running Sturm — Drang can blow away crowds of enemies with Scorch effects.

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms Punching Out

6. Punching Out

Another superb Solar sidearm, Punching Out has a Suros rapid-fire frame that makes it almost a mini-SMG. This weapon does suffer from having a gigantic perk pool but within that are a few excellent picks like Overflow, Frenzy, Subsistence, and Swashbuckler. The Suros Synergy Origin Trait isn’t bad, either.

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms The Last Dance

7. The Last Dance — Best Destiny 2 PVE Sidearms

A small perk pool, hard-hitting burst fire, and great sights options — what more could you ask for? The Last Dance may be one of the older sidearms on this list, but it’s still one of the best PVE sidearms in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms Brigand's Law

8. Brigand’s Law

Brigand’s Law was introduced in Season of Plunder, and it’s one of the most fun weapons that season brought us. It fires full auto, has a pretty nice Origin Trait that combos well with many of its perks, and can roll the excellent Voltshot. On top of all that, it’s craftable and thus has access to enhanced perks.

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms High Albedo

9. High Albedo

Hailing (sorry) from the Beyond Light expansion, High Albedo is a burst-firing kinetic sidearm. One of its most unique rolls is the Surplus/Wellspring combo, which increases the weapon’s performance based on the number of abilities you have charged while also generating ability energy on weapon kills.

Destiny 2 Best Sidearms Fiortura-59

10. Fiortura-59 — Best Destiny 2 PVE Sidearms

Last but not least, Fiortura-59 came into Destiny 2 in Season of the Seraph as a rapid-fire Suros weapon similar to Punching Out. Unlike Punching Out, it’s Void rather than Solar and can roll the element’s signature Repulsor Brace perk. Most of the time, however, you’ll be better off with a damage perk like Golden Tricorn, Swashbuckler, or Kill Clip.