TFT Malphon Brando Guide – Teamfight Tactics Best Team Comps (Patch 9.24b)

Want to get good at Teamfight Tactics? You’ll have to learn how to make a solid team on the fly. While what units you get in TFT comes down to a bit of luck, learning about the top team compositions in the current meta gives you a better understanding of what works together. With that knowledge, you can consistently build strong teams that land you in the top four.

One of the more popular builds for TFT patch 9.24b is Malphon Brando, which relies heavily on one unit as a DPS carry. Learn more about this team comp with our TFT Malphon Brando guide!

TFT Malphon Brando

The TFT Malphon Brando team comp is built around the unit Brand, who is an Inferno Mage. Brand is a powerhouse on any Mage team, with the very powerful Pyroclasm. Pyroclasm launches a fireball that bounces around the field, dealing damage to anyone it touches. When Brand is level three, this fireball will bounce 20 times, and each hit does 600 damage. Incredible!

Malphon Brando leans into this by making Brand the main DPS carry. With this, you’ll need to get Brand, level him up, and give him the best items for him to be successful in the late-game. Even the synergies of this build (Mage and Ocean in particular) are meant to make Brand even more powerful, as opposed to rounding out other units.

The other key figure to this team comp, Malphite, is a Warden that will soak up damage, making sure the squishy Mage can survive long enough to launch a bunch of deadly fireballs. The Warden buff gives Malphite more survivability to take the figurative heat away from Brand. Other Wardens will also protect Brand and the other Mages from sneaky Assassins.

Some Brand team comps rely on six Mages in order to have Brand and all the other Mages always dual cast their spells. However, Malphon Brando relies on only three Mages instead to make room for other helpful synergies. Six Mages means not many Wardens to take damage, so Malphon Brando is a safer, less aggressive build.

Ideal TFT Malphon Brando Units and Items:

  • Brand
    • Radabon’s Deathcap
    • Spear of Shojin
    • Morellonomicon
  • Malphite
    • Guardian Angel
    • Warmog’s Armor
  • Nautilus
  • Annie
  • Thresh
  • Vladimir
  • Amumu
  • Syndra

Synergies Achieved with TFT Malphon Brando:

  • Ocean – Gain 30 additional Mana every three seconds
  • Warden – Each Warden’s armor is increased by 275%
  • Mage – After casting a spell, Mages has a 50% chance to double cast.
  • Inferno – Burn the ground underneath the target, causing 70% damage with one hex burned

TFT Malphon Brando Notes:

Hoard your gold like a dragon. Brand is a 4-cost unit, but it’s important for this build to get him up to Level 3, if possible. In order to pull this off, you’ll need to build a really strong economy in the early-and-mid-game so that when you hit summoner Level 7, you can immediately start rolling for him. Use cheap but good Mages early on so that you can give their items to Brand later, and save as much as possible to earn interest and bonuses.

You’ll need to look out for Needlessly Large Rods. Malphon Brando, unlike a lot of team comps, does not have nearly as much of an emphasis on items. However, the items for Brand are very important to pull everything together, and while the comp isn’t ruined without all three, it will be seriously neutered. Brand’s three items require a grand total of three Needlessly Long Rods, one Tear of the Goddess, one BF Sword, and one Giant’s Belt. You’ll need to find and use Needlessly Long Rods carefully in order to get the most out of Malphon Brando.

Giving Malphite a couple of items can be useful, but it’s not necessary. It’s always a good idea to up a tank’s survivability, but if it’s between giving Maphite a Guardian Angel and Brand one of his items, always prioritize Brand. Brand is the sole carry of this build, and needs to be spoiled accordingly!

Positioning is key. Brand is a Mage, so there’s no need for him to be on the front lines — it’s bad for his health. However, putting him in the very back puts him at high risk for Assassin attacks, and with builds like Blender Nocturne ruling the meta, that means you will lose. Ideally, you should put Brand in the middle of the back row, with Wardens flanking either side of him. With that, Malphite will be able to take on the melee units, and the other Wardens can hold Assassins off until Brand kills them.