TFT Electric Wardens Guide – Teamfight Tactics Best Team Comps (Patch 9.24b)

As new patches come out and continue to change Teamfight Tactics, favorite classes and elements will rise above the rest in the game’s meta. Some of the most popular team compositions will either take advantage of these favored (sometimes overpowered) classes, or be hard counters to them. As Riot tweaks the title, elements and classes will rise in fall in popularity, making compositions that were the cream of the crop two weeks ago irrelevant today.

Since TFT patch 9.24b, Wardens have become one of the classes to build team comps around, and one of the better Warden compositions are the Electric Wardens. Learn how to make this team work with our TFT Electric Wardens guide, and take advantage of the powerful class before Riot nerfs them.

TFT Electric Wardens

The name Electric Wardens makes you think that this team composition will be very heavy on the Wardens (and Electricity), but it’s actually a pretty rounded-out team comp. Electric Wardens has Mystics, an Assassin, and a healthy dose of the Ocean element, instead of fully leaning into its namesake. Not only does this shore up the weaknesses of the Wardens, but gives you better DPS than an average Warden build.

In terms of major units, there are two you need for Electric Wardens to be its most effective. First is Zed, an Electric Summoner Assassin, and he’ll be the main DPS carry for this team. Zed’s purpose is to jump to the back lines to quickly get rid of squishier Mages that can threaten Wardens with their spells. With the Electric synergy, Zed has extra DPS to knock them out quicker, too. Enemy teams are suddenly less threatening to Wardens if they can only inflict physical damage.

For the Wardens, Amumu will be your main tank carry. Amumu is one of the best Wardens in TFT currently, so it makes sense to grab the five-cost unit when he’s available. With the right items, Amumu becomes very bulky and should be able to take a ton of punishment while Zed and the other fighters knock out the troublesome enemy units.

Electric Wardens is also a pretty easy team comp to pull off — some of the units are costly, but you don’t need many specific items or set-ups to complete it. In addition, some of the units in this composition are more flexible than others. The synergies with Zed and Amumu are the star of this comp, so if luck isn’t on your side with a unit like Nami, for example, you can improvise with some weaker unit replacements and still eke out a victory.

Ideal TFT Electric Warden Units and Items:

  • Zed
    • Guardian Angel
    • Redemption
  • Amumu
    • Dragon’s Claw
    • Morellonomicon
    • Thornmail
  • Nami
  • Soraka
    • Hush
  • Nautilus
  • Ornn
    • Dragon’s Claw
  • Malphite
  • Volibear

Synergies Achieved with TFT Electric Wardens:

  • Warden – Wardens’ total armor increases by 275%
  • Electric – Shock nearby enemies for 250 damage when dealing or receiving a critical hit
  • Ocean – All allies gain 15 additional mana every three seconds
  • Mystic – Gives all allies 40 extra Magic Resist

TFT Electric Warden Notes:

This is a good composition to counter critical heavy teams. The Electric synergy activates whenever you give or take a critical hit, which means an enemy team built around high damage with criticals is going to get some unpleasant counterattacks. If you see a lot of Assassin heavy teams, Electric Wardens is a great choice.

Yes, Zed is the one that should have the healing items. Typically with Assassins, you want to give them items that up their damage and critical hit output, but you’ll want to do something different with Zed in Electric Wardens. Despite all the Wardens on the board, Zed will be taking damage, but that means he’ll be able to activate Redemption pretty reliably. This will help keep the nearby Wardens alive as Nami and other DPS units snipe from the back. Zed reviving will allow him to do a little more damage before he dies again.

Be careful with spending gold and leveling units too early. There are a few units for Electric Wardens, like Ornn and Volibear, that you can pick up very early on. However, Electric Wardens is a very expensive team composition, so make sure not to waste too much gold on leveling up the lower-cost units until you know you can grab the more expensive characters. Without a strong economy, Electric Wardens is significantly harder to pull off.

Use Nasus in the early-and-mid-game to hold yourself over for Amumu. Nasus is a 1-cost Warden that’s very good and uses the same item set as Amumu. Having Nasus in the early game will make the transition to the more powerful late-game units a lot easier, and with only costing 1 gold, you can even take him to Level 2 to tide you over without much of a loss.

If you see an Electric Lux, replace Volibear with her. Don’t go specifically rolling for her, but if an Electric Lux pops up for purchase, grab her and replace Volibear for an even stronger team.