Ten of the Best Sims 4 CC Packs for December 2021

Y'all wanted some more CC?

Custom content (CC) Is a phrase quite common within the Sims community. Many CC packs are known for quite illustrious designs that typically can’t be found in the base game or purchasable DLCs. If you’re a returning simmer, then you know just how quickly the plethora of Stuff, Kit, and Expansion Packs can easily add up. But the glory of CC packs is that most of them are free! Here are ten of the best Sims 4 CC packs that you need to download right this second.

If you’ve read any of my previous Sims guides, you’ll know I like lengthy, categorized lists. In past guides, I’ve brought up some CC Packs from creators listed in the article below. Two of the three creators do have Patreons that you can subscribe to and, yet again, I highly suggest that you do. Think of this as a running list of sorts, one that will continuously be added on to.

Complete CC Sets


This is a 129 piece CC pack set that is inspired by country living. There are two bundles in total from this collection which are consistently being updated by their creators to better fit everyone’s game. This first pack focuses on structures and foundations including doors, walls, floors, columns, and more. The second one is more about the furniture around living spaces, dining areas and entryways.

I think this is an essential pack for many, if not all, Sims 4 players. A modern spin on the Sims 2 country counters and design was much needed. There is a Patreon fee for this pack made by the very talented FelixAndre and Harrie, however, but it’s worth it. I’m hoping that as you continue reading you’ll understand the importance of supporting these talented creators.

Bedroom CC Packs

Luna Bedroom

You may have seen this creator before in my build mode guide, but myshunosun will always have a very special place in my heart. Her creations are so elegant and clean that I’m sure I’ve furnished the entirety of my various houses with nothing but her packs alone. They often don’t come with many items but you have core pieces with multiple swatches. This set has nine pieces in total but each item comes with more than eight swatches for a total of 72 items.

Minimalist Bedroom Stuff

Another CC pack by Illogical Sims that contains about 25 new items. Recently, when it comes to designing my Sim’s interior spaces I’ve found myself moving away from clutter and wanting more open and clean spaces. This pack is absolutely perfect for those looking for a minimal house design.

Bathroom CC

Serene Bathroom

This contemporary bathroom set comes with 12 pieces of functional furniture and of course, multiple swatches per piece.

Furniture CC Packs

Gothic Revival Interior

*Deep breath* As I’m sure this is not your first time reading one of my Sims articles, you must have some inclination about my fervent love of everything dark and gothic. This Gothic interior set by Felix had my heart the moment my eyes set upon it. The main theme is a dark mahogany offset with dark yellows, greens, reds, and blue. You can definitely feel the inspiration come from Harry Potter.

SIMKEA Furnishings

A 45 piece CC pack inspired by IKEA and other minimal designs. Created by Illogical Sims, many of their packs stay consistent with a minimalism design concept. With their consistent design sense, it’s quite easy to download multiple packs from this creator and not have to worry about items not matching.

Modern Housewares

I cannot stress the importance of functional furniture. You can download CC content such as appliances, but what is their purpose if you can’t use them in-game?! This pack includes 30 pieces of furniture for various spaces around your Sims’ home. The sleek and simple designs also pair nicely with the Minimalist Bedroom Stuff.

Kitchen CC Packs

Sol Kitchen

Another gem by creator myshunosun that includes only five items. But in return you get about 25-30 various swatches for three of them. It’s important to note that sometimes the size of the pack doesn’t matter. It’s always great to have creators supply a large quantity of things, you can’t find a specific color cabinet within the pack then was it truly worth it?

Living Room CC Packs


This pack contains 60 pieces of living room furniture/decor and gives off Scandinavian vibes. Personally, I love the couches that look like big, fluffy futons. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a cloud?

Uma Living

I’m not even going to front, the monstera plant 1,000 percent sold me on this pack. The creator hand painted it! Like many of myshunosun’s packs, this contains eight mid-century inspired pieces of furniture and as always, includes a variety of color swatches to perfectly fit your living room.