Temtem Type Chart and Type Matchups Guide

When strengths, resistances, and weaknesses become too much to remember, refer to our handy-dandy Temtem type chart.

One of the most important mechanics to understand in Temtem is the type system. There are 12 different types, each with their own strengths, resistances, and weaknesses. Because Temtem can be two types simultaneously, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your team and their moves. Here’s everything you need to know about types in Temtem, including a type chart to use on the go.


Our Very Own Temtem Type Chart

While Temtem has its own in-game type chart (accessed from the Tutorials menu), it can’t be pulled up during battle. There are a couple charts on the wiki, but they’re difficult to save, and often completely broken on mobile. A quick Google will bring up even more, but it’s still tough to find one that’s easy on the eyes while still providing good information. Some are overly large with a key to read each type’s symbol, while others leave out resistances entirely to stay streamlined. In addition to that, very few are in “dark mode,” with bright colors that overwhelm the eyes. As someone who plays Temtem regularly but continuously forgets that Electric is weak to Crystal, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Luckily, I happen to work for a video game website and have a good excuse to do so.

As is standard, our chart is read with the left column as the attacking type, while the top row are the defenders. For example, find Crystal in the left column. Reading from left to right, you can see that Crystal is strong against Electric and Mental types, and will do twice as much damage to them. Conversely, Crystal is resisted by Earth and Fire types, and will only do half as much damage. Now find Crystal in the top row. Reading from top to bottom, you can see that Crystal is weak to Earth, Fire, and Melee, and will take twice as much damage from them. However, you’ll also see that it resists Electric, Mental, and Toxic.

A type chart for all 12 Temtem types, including their strengths, weaknesses, and resistances.
Types are listed in alphabetical order so they’re easy to find.


Dual Typing

Temtem type charts can only list one interaction at a time — one type versus one type. Be sure to keep this in mind, as many Tems are dual type, which will affect their matchups.

For a dual Electric and Mental type like Minothor, its Crystal weakness is doubled, causing it to take quadruple damage from Crystal techniques. This also works inversely for resistances, so the Earth and Fire Tem Drakash takes only a quarter of the damage from Crystal attacks. Finally, dual typing can work to cancel out weaknesses and resistances. Grumper is a Tem with dual Earth and Electric typing. The Crystal resistance from Earth cancels out the Crystal weakness from Electric, causing it to take regular damage.


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