Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.8 – TFT Patch Notes for April 26, 2022

Everything you need to know about this week's TFT patch.

Tacticians rejoice, Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.8 is dropping tomorrow! Today, Riot Games dropped the official TFT patch 12.8 notes, giving us a sneak peek at what we should expect when it’s released on April 27, 2022. There aren’t too many crucial changes for this upcoming patch, but we’ve compiled the most important information about buffs, nerfs, additions, and changes for your perusal.

While it doesn’t have the most changes, Patch 12.8 of TFT is largely focused on combing out issues with Augment and Unit scaling.

TFT Patch 12.7 Patch Notes Rundown


  • Players now take a minimum of one damage when losing a round of Double Up
  • Fixed bugs with Sunlight Cape’s AOE hex radius and Senna’s Mana interactions with Blue Buff and Blue Battery post-cast


  • Augments: Radiant Relics + Golden Egg option, Quickestsilver (Radiant Quicksilver) Attack Speed up 10%, Eternal Winter (Portable Forge)
  • Traits: Chemtech, Enchanter, Hextech, Syndicate
  • Units: Zilean, Kha’Zix, Renata Glasc, Vi


  • Traits: Mutant (Cybernetic Enhancement), Mutant (Voracious Appetite AD + AP), Scrap
  • Units: Ekko, Gangplank, Jinx
  • Items: Frozen Heart

Vi TFT Patch 12.8 Notes

Official TFT 12.8 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes from Riot Games.

Large Changes 


  • Radiant Relics and Golden Egg option, Quickestsilver (Radiant Quicksilver) Attack Speed: 45%


  • Chemtech percent max Health Regen: 4/7/10/18%
  • Enchanter percent increase to Healing and Shielding: 25/45/70/100%$
  • Hextech shield: 100/135/250/350
  • Mutant, Cybernetic Enhancement Health: 450/900/1350
  • Mutant, Voracious Appetite Attack Damage & Ability Power: 20/30/40
  • Scrap shield per item component: 20/40/60 
  • Syndicate Armor & Magic Resist: 50 
  • Syndicate 7 Bonus amplification: 50% 

Small Changes 


  • Portable Forge option, Eternal Winter Attack Speed Slow: 25%

Units: Tier 2 

  • Zilean Time Bomb Attack Speed Slow: 25/35/50%

Units: Tier 3 

  • Ekko Parallel Convergence Attack Speed Slow: 25/25/35%
  • Gangplank Parrrley Damage: 120/160/225%

Units: Tier 4 

  • Kha’Zix Void Assault Attack Damage scaling: 195/200/225% ).
  • Renata Glasc Toxic Wave Attack Speed Slow: 15% 
  • Renata Glasc Toxic Wave Damage: 40/65/220  
  • Vi Piltover Pulverizer Damage: 125/200/450
  • Vi Piltover Pulverizer Shield: 225/325/750 

Units: Tier 5 

  • Jinx Rocket form Attack Damage scaling: 220/230/888%  


  • Frozen Heart Attack Speed Slow: 35%


  • Players will now take a minimum of 1 damage upon losing a round in Double Up Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing Sunlight Cape (Radiant Sunfire Cape) to only affect enemies  within 1-hex range
  • Fixed an issue preventing Senna from gaining Mana from Blue Buff and Blue Battery after casting