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Stray B-12 Memories Guide - All 27 Memory Locations in Each Chapter

Help B-12 remember the truth with our guide on finding their memories.

The best game of 2022 is finally here. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray lets players control a wayward cat that gets separated from its clowder and must explore a mysterious, desolate city. Boasting a mix of platforming, puzzles, and chase sequences, Stray is more than just wandering around as an adorable feline.

While you’ll spend the first two chapters learning the basic controls, the game opens up once you reach an area called “The Flat.” In this mission, you are introduced to your new flying companion B-12, whose memories are scattered throughout the rest of the game. Acting as collectibles, these can be easily missed if you don’t explore every level thoroughly.

Here’s our guide on how to find all 27 of B-12’s memories.

Chapter 3 – The Flat

The Flat – Memory 1

Stray B12 Memories

The first memory can be found after you acquire B-12 and ride down the bucket zipline. Once you exit the bucket, approach the large mural of a beach to trigger a brief cutscene with B-12.

Your little friend will inform you that they lost their memories and will snag the postcard taped to the wall. This will automatically collect the memory for you.

Chapter 4 – The Slums

The Slums – Memory 1

Stray B12 Memories

The first memory in The Slums can be found right after you talk to the guard and he turns off the alarm. Head down the street to the left, where you’ll find the musician Morusque hanging around.

You will see a small alleyway with a couple of dumpsters and an awning. Use these to climb up to the painting of the smiling robot and select “Remember” when prompted to collect the memory.

The Slums – Memory 2

Stray B12 Memories

Go back to where the guard robot is and turn around until you see the street in the photo above. There will be a bar on the left you can enter. Run through the door under the red neon sign and head up the stairs on the left.

Once you’re on the second floor, along the wall by the window will be a bowl of what appears to be food. Jump onto the table and interact with the bowl to collect another memory.

The Slums  – Memory 3

The next memory can be found inside Elliot Programming. From the bar entrance, go left and then take an immediate right. There will be a door on the right you can interact with. Press Y (Xbox) / Triangle (PlayStation) to scratch the door until the robot inside opens it.

Slip into the room while the door is open and head up the staircase to the second floor. The next memory is the glowing plant directly to your left when you enter the room where Elliot is.

The Slums – Memory 4

Stray B12 Memories

The fourth memory is at the end of the alleyway by the Super Spirit laundromat. You can reach the laundromat by going down the small staircase by the guard robot and then taking a right and immediate left.

When you reach this store, run down the alley and up the stairs. You’ll see some graffiti that reads “R.I.P. Humans.” Approaching this will give you a prompt to remember, and it will add this memory to B-12’s collection.

The Slums – Memory 5

Stray B12 Memories

For the fifth memory, you will need to go to the apartment that the guard robot tells you about. This is tied to the main story, so it’s impossible to miss since you have to talk to Momo to progress. The apartment is located way above the main road and can be accessed several different ways via climbing boxes or trash.

Once you reach Momo’s place, go to the bedroom behind the bead curtain and interact with the large poster directly across from the bed.

The Slums – Memory 6

Stray B12 Memories

While we’re on the rooftops, go towards the large blue building with the white frowny face painted on the wall. Instead of going through the window, face the angled roofs shown in the photo above. There will be a large circular sign with a soda bottle in the middle that’s turned off.

Climb up to this sign to find a dead robot leaning against it. Interact with the robot to collect the next memory.

The Slums – Memory 7

The last memory in The Slums is a little awkward to get since it will require you to replay the chapter if you decided to buy the Sheet Music instead. To obtain the final memory, you’ll need to obtain three Energy Drinks that can only be obtained via the three vending machines scattered throughout the slums.

The first vending machine is located directly across from the musician Morusque. Simply approach and interact with it to make a drink fall out. You can find the second vending machine at the end of the Super Spirit laundromat alleyway.

Finally, the third vending machine is along the rooftops, right by the large couch and television you can watch. Once you obtain all three, go back to the merchant and trade them in for the covered painting to get the seventh memory.

Chapter 5 – Rooftops

Rooftops – Memory 1

Stray B-12 Memories

The first memory in Rooftops is after the second encounter with the Zurks. After you run across the suspended beam, climb up the vents until you reach the area shown above. Now just approach the large neon sign and interact with it to collect this memory.

Rooftops – Memory 2

Stray B-12 Memories

The second memory is found within the skyscraper under construction. Progress through the Zurk-infested floors until you reach a floor with a bunch of these little bastards trapped behind a gate.

Before you release them, head toward the back of the room and jump over the pipes. You will find a sign you can interact with, giving you the second memory found in this level.

Rooftops – Memory 3

The final memory is given out for just completing this chapter. It’s impossible to miss and will be automatically completed after hooking up the transceiver.

Chapter 7 – Dead End

Dead End – Memory 1

Stray Memories

You can find the first memory at the very start of this chapter. Once Seamus sends you off on your own, make your way down the road until you reach the first intersection.

There should be a white card on your left, so look in this direction to find the memory resting against the metal garage door at the end of the road. Make sure to grab this before dropping down where all the Zurks are; otherwise, you’ll need to restart the chapter to get this memory.

Dead End  – Memory 2

Stray Memories

Continue through the level until you ride a truck down one of the tunnels. After you crash and regain control of the cat, make your way up the pipes to the area shown above.

Instead of going left, approach the broken fence and slip through the hole. On the right will be a memory next to the dead robot in the makeshift home. Remember: When you see the graffiti of the red and white angry robot, go straight instead of left.

Dead End – Memory 3

Stray Memories

The last memory in Dead End is actually pretty easy to miss since the green-colored particles are hard to see. Once you arrive at Doc’s home, go to the first floor and look for a mannequin with a bucket on its head. Approach the mannequin and interact with it to get the last memory in Dead End.

Chapter 8 – The Sewers

The Sewers – Memory 1

Stray Memories

You can find the first memory after Momo opens the sewer door for you. Progress through the Zurk-infested halls until you reach one with a bunch of Zurk pods along the left and right walls.

Use the UV light to carefully kill all the Zurks that pop out. About halfway down this hall, you will see a path on the left that’s cut off by a ton of Zurk pods. Kill all the pods and Zurks before jumping into the open pipe.

Follow this pipe until you reach a catwalk and hop onto the railing. You will be given a prompt to remember the first of two memories here.

The Sewers – Memory 2

Stray Memories

The second memory in Dead End is located after the massive room with all the Zurks and creepy eyes watching you. Once you leave this room, you’ll jump onto a pipe. Turn left and hop over to the smaller pipe along the left wall.

Once you reach the end, hop across the barrels and then climb into the large sewer drain. Follow the drain until you reach a large room with more eyes — and, more importantly, a memory in the middle of the room.

Chapter 9 – AntVillage

AntVillage – Memory 1

Your first memory in Antvillage will automatically trigger when you cross the bridge. It’s impossible to miss this, as the memory is tied to the larger story of Stray.

AntVillage – Memory 2

Stray Memories

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to collect the second memory until you progress the story a little.

After B-12 suffers from their existential crisis, go to the top of AntVillage and speak to the robot sitting in front of all the televisions. After the cutscene, you will be able to freely explore and interact with the folks in town.

Head back down to the first floor of AntVillage and look for this guy sleeping on a couch in front of the TV. Next to him will be some white writing on the wall — approach this and interact with it to collect the second memory in AntVillage.

Chapter 10 – Midtown

Midtown – Memory 1

The first memory is another story-focused one and cannot be missed. Upon starting the chapter, you will make your way to a subway station which causes a brief cutscene with B-12. After a small dialogue exchange with your floating friend, you will earn the first memory.

Midtown – Memory 2

Stray Memories

You can find the second memory right after you ascend the stairs from the subway tunnel and slip under the opening in the fence. On your right, you will see a small makeshift hope with a glowing bookcase. Approach the bookcase to remember another B-12 memory.

Midtown – Memory 3

Stray Memories

Now head to the alleyway behind the nightclub. You will see a robot cleaning the street with a traffic cone on his head.

Climb up onto the awning next to the blue neon sign and then scale the air ducts to the balcony in the photo above. The memory will be waiting there by the bed and bottles.

Midtown – Memory 4

Stray Memories

From the main road, continue down it until you reach a large hologram of a robot. When you reach this hologram, head down the street on the right and enter the barber shop with the window open. Approach the shelf near the ladder and climb up it.

Now, look up at the small alcove where the ladder ends and hop up to it. The jump command can be a bit finicky here, so it may take a few tries. Once you’re in the alcove, you’ll see the memory on the right.

Midtown – Memory 5

Return to the large hologram and look for the cafe shown above — it should be to the right of where the Sentinels and police are inspecting a vehicle. When you enter, use the counter and half-wall to climb up into the ceiling. You will need the memory up here near the front of the store.

Midtown – Memory 6

Stray Memories

You cannot access the next memory until you’ve completed the Neco Factory portion of Midtown.

After you’ve acquired the battery, return to where the large hologram is and look to the left. The previously guarded security station is now empty, allowing you to slip inside via the open door. Upon entering, you will see a large photo of a Sentinel on the wall — this is the sixth memory.

Midtown – Memory 7

Stray Memories

Progress through the story until you reach the nightclub. Once inside, jump onto the bar and then approach the small elevator behind the bartender. Stand on it for a few seconds until it lowers you to the storage room below. In the middle of the room will be a table with some bottles on it — this is the final memory in Midtown.

Chapter 11 – Jail

Jail – Memory 1

Stray Memories

Conveniently, there is only one memory in this chapter. After you’ve rescued B-12 from the Sentinels, you’ll make your way into a large courtyard that’s broken up into three sections.

The first is guarded by a Sentinel who you will need to trap in the cell to your left. Once the Sentinel is taken care of, Clementine will open the next door, giving you access to the middle of the courtyard.

Before you continue, look to the right and you’ll see a dead robot that’s glowing green. Approach it and get the only B-12 memory in this level.

Chapter 12 – Control Room

Control Room – Memory 1

The final memory is unmissable and tied to the story.

Eventually, you will progress to an area that looks like a lounge, where B-12 will remark about what happened to them and humanity. If you’ve been following this guide, then this will be the last memory and you’ll earn the trophy/achievement tied to finding all of them.

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