Stellaris Galactic Community Guide – Resolutions List, Diplomatic Weight Explained

The new Stellaris: Federations expansion is out with a trio of new features for the title. One of them, the Galactic Community allows group members to govern as a whole through democracy. How does the Galactic Community get founded though? And what kinds of resolutions can be passed? Our Stellaris Galactic Community guide explains all of these things and more!

How To Found the Galactic Community

The Galactic Community has a few requirements before it can be founded. For one, there needs to be enough discovered species. Once a non-Gestalt Consciousness, non-Fanatical Purifier has established communications with at least half of the other species in the galaxy, everyone in that group is given an offer to join.

At least three empires must accept the invitations to form the Galactic Community.

Can You Leave and Join the Galactic Community?

Yes! Even if you initially decline, you can join at a future date. Leaving, however, costs Influence which scales with your empire’s Sprawl rating. Anyone who leaves will be banned from joining for 20 years and suffers an opinion penalty with everyone in the Galactic Community.

What is Diplomatic Weight?

When viewing the Galactic Community, you’ll notice your own Diplomatic Weight. This number displays how influential your empire is within the community. The higher the number, the more voting power you get. The same is true for the opposite.

You can gain Diplomatic Weight through increasing your fleet power, economy, technology, and population. It is worth noting that population happiness also plays a role. A large ecstatic population is worth more than a large destitute pop.

As with other game systems, you can assign an envoy to the council. This increases your Diplomatic Weight by ten percent. If you need another buff, you can enact the Cooperative Diplomatic Stance Policy for an additional 25 percent.

What are the Possible Resolutions?

Before we get started on the list of resolutions, we should explain how they actually work. When a resolution is proposed, each empire can vote for or against it. They can also simply abstain. Each empire can only propose one resolution at a time, however.

There are five tiers of each resolution. You must propose them in order so they slowly escalate over time. You can’t just jump to Tier 5 Galactic Commerce. The Influence cost of each tier increases from 100 to 300.

As a note, our descriptions below describe the basics for each sanction. The Tier 5 versions of these sanctions is usually much more encompassing.

Commerce Resolutions

  • Galactic Commerce: Increases Diplomatic Weight from economy, trade value, and bureaucrat upkeep. Higher tiers increase resources and trade.
  • Industrial Development: Increases Diplomatic Weight from economy, worker pop resource output, and decreases habitability. Higher tiers increase mineral output.
  • Commerce Sanctions: If denounced or breaching galactic law, suffers a ten percent market fee and 20 percent reduced Diplomatic Weight from economy. Higher tiers worsen these penalties.

Political Resolutions

  • The Greater Good: Increases Diplomatic Weight from Pops, worker happiness, and worker political power. Higher tiers ban bad living standards and working conditions.
  • Political Sanctions: If denounced or breaching galactic law, reduces administrative capacity by ten percent and increases Diplomatic Influence cost by 25 percent. Higher tiers worsen these penalties.

Environmental and Technological Resolutions

  • Ecological Protection: Reduces Diplomatic Weight from economy, and upkeep on pop consumer goods. Increases blocker clear time. Higher tiers make exploitation (minerals, terraforming, blocker clear time) more expensive.
  • Unchained Knowledge: Increases Diplomatic Weight from Tech, research station output, and starbase upkeep. Higher tiers reduce worker happiness and buff technological posts.
  • Technological Sanctions: If denounced or breaching galactic law, reduces research speed and Diplomatic Weight from Tech. Higher tiers worsen these penalties.

War Based Resolutions

  • Mutual Defense: Increases Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Power, naval capacity, and ship upkeep. Higher tiers bans using below 50 percent of your Naval Capacity.
  • Rules of War: Reduces Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Power, increases defense army morale and army upkeep. Higher tiers ban weapons of mass destruction (World Cracker, etc) , purges, and bombardment.
  • Defense Sanctions: If denounced or breaching galactic law, reduces Naval Capacity and Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Power. Higher tiers worsen these penalties.