Stardew Valley Crops Guide – The Best Crops for Each Season

All about that cash mon-ay. That cheddar. Dough. Bread...Currency.

Farming can be a lucrative endeavor, but it can also be overwhelming. There are dozens of crops to choose from in Stardew Valley, each worth varying amounts of gold, and requiring different amounts of time to grow. As the seasons rotate, so do the veggie seeds and saplings available for purchase at Pierre’s shop. In order to maximize your profit, it’s important to find that balance between income and effort. In an effort to help you plan your harvests, we’ve put together this guide of the most profitable crops for each season.

Now, if you’re trying to complete community center bundles you’re going to want to make sure you plant an assortment of crops in order to meet those requirements. If you’re looking to make straight up tons of money, then these are the best choices for each season.

Note that it’s impossible to plant crops outside in the Winter, so you’ll need to fix up the dilapidated greenhouse if you want to grow stuff during that season. This is done through the community center by completing all Pantry bundles.

Stardew Valley – Best Spring Crops

You’ll start the game with 500 gold and 15 turnip seeds. It’s up to you to snowball these starting items into more profitable crops.


Strawberries are by far the most valuable crop you can plant in the Spring season. You can buy the seeds from the special vendor during the Egg Festival on the 13th of Spring for 100 gold per seed, and the crops sell for 120 gold per unit. Since you can’t plant these until the 14th of Spring, and the take 8 days to grow, it’s recommended that you buy as many seeds as you can afford and save them until your second Spring. The crops regrow in 4 days after harvesting, ensuring that you maximize the potential of the strawberry.

Other good Spring Crops

Considering the purchase cost to sell values, these are also good choices for crops to plant in Spring:

  • Rhubarb –  Growth time: 13 days. Purchased at the Desert Oasis for 100 gold, sells for 220 gold.
  • Cauliflower – Growth time: 12 days. Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 80 gold, sells for 175 gold.
  • Potato – Growth time: 6 days. Purchased at Pierre’s shop for 50 gold, sells for 80 gold.

Stardew Valley – Best Summer Crops

Come summer, these are the best seeds to plant:


You can purchase blueberry seeds from Pierre’s Shop for 80 gold each, and the crop sells for 50 gold per. Blueberries produce three crops per fully matured seed, meaning you’re bringing in 150 gold per seed purchased. Blueberries can regrow up to 4 times if you plant them on the first day of Summer, which works out to just over 20 gold per day throughout the season, the the best ratio among all Summer crops.

Other good Summer Crops

Here are some other good choices for crops you might want to plant in the Summer:

  • Starfruit – Growth time: 13 days. Purchased at the Desert Oasis for 400 gold, sells for 750 gold. Can be sold for more by making it into wine.
  • Corn – Growth time: 14 days. Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 150 gold, sells for 50 gold, but will continue to regrow throughout Summer and Fall.
  • Hops – Growth time: 11 days. Purchased at Pierre’s shop for 60 gold, sells for 25 gold. Worth more if made into pale ale.

Stardew Valley – Best Fall Crops

When the Fall hits, you’re going to want to load up on one specific kind of seed:


Cranberries offer up the best cost/time/sell ratio for the Fall. You can buy the seeds at Pierre’s Store of the Joja Mart for 240 gold per unit, and they sell for 75 gold per crop. Each cranberry plant produces two crops to sell, meaning you’ll actually be earning 150 gold per seed planted. The ratio sounds bad on paper, but it only takes 7 days to grow cranberries, and they’ll regrow after 5 more days a maximum of 5 times throughout the season. Doing the math, it works out to just under 19 gold a day for Fall, which is easily the best ratio among Fall crops.

Other good Fall Crops

If you want to expand beyond cranberries, these are also decent choices:

  • Bok Choy – Growth time: 4 days. Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 50 gold, sells for 80 gold.
  • Pumpkins – Growth time is 13 days. Purchased at Pierre’s Shop for 100 gold, sells for 320 gold.

And those are the best and most profitable crops to sell for each season in Stardew Valley. What did you grow? Let us know in the comments section!