Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Four Mysterious Creatures Guide – Legendary Beasts Locations

The Star Wars series has always had a thing for gutting animals, from Tauntauns to Rancors very little ever survives. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is no different. In fact, you might consider it worse as the Legendary Beasts achievement not only encourages you to seek out the mysterious creatures in Fallen Order, it implores you to slaughter them.  

Since it’s never explained how and where to find these mysterious creatures, we’ve decided to help you on your hunt with this guide. 

What is a Mysterious Creature?

Mysterious creatures are specific named enemies found in Jedi: Fallen Order. They are often isolated and will always be a special variant of standard enemies but with more health and the ability to do more damage. Therefore it is advised that you stave off locating them until you’re a bit deeper in to your trip. 

Oggdo Boggdo Location

This elusive target can be found on the first planet, Bogano, and is the first mysterious beast you’re able to kill.  When progressing through the area, you will come to a locked door with a meditation point outside it. When facing this door look right and continue across the ledges that take you away from the fanned room until you see a cave closed off with some stalagmites. Smash the stalagmites to gain entry and then take on Oggdo Boggdo.

Rabid Jotaz Location

While the Rabid Jotaz is on the second planet you visit, Zeffo, you will not be able to fight it until you have the ability to overload red barriers using BD-1. Once you acquire this ability, head to the Crash Site area on Zeffo and power down the shield. From there follow the path upwards until you see a rotating fan with a broken section. Underneath the fan you will find Rabid Jotaz. Take this opportunity to using a jumping attack to whittle away some health and then prepare yourself for a whole lot of dodging. 

Albino Wyyyschokk Location

As the name might suggest, with its unprecedented number of “ys” and “ks”, you can find this mysterious creature on Kashyyyk. After making your way through the Imperial Refinery, enter an area where a series of Stormtroopers are fighting an onslaught of standard Wyyyschokks in front of a meditation point. As the battle ensures, jump up to the left and look for an awning in the wall. Follow this crack all the way through and then jump on the spider webs on the floor to trigger this encounter. Make sure you’ve stocked up on health items before this enemy because fighting in the cave is difficult due to how tight the space is.

Nydak Alpha Location

Last but not least in the list of pelts you are slowly accumulating is Nydak Alpha. You can find the final mysterious creature on Dathomir, but not until you have the Jedi Flip ability, earned after your second visit to Kashyyyk. After that visit Dathomir and progress towards the tomb. While you are standing in front of the tomb, head to the right and use your wall run to cross the chasm to be confronted by your last mysterious creature. 

And that’s it, you’ve slain all those mysterious creatures. They could be the last of their kind, but I am sure that doesn’t bother you now that those skulls are mounted on your wall.