Splitgate Ranks Guide – How Competitive Rankings Work

So you’ve played around in casual matches and tried your hardest to get yourself up to speed. Ranked mode seems scary though. How does it work? What are the ranks? How will I progress? Can I lose progress? All of these are really good questions. In this Splitgate ranks guide, we explain all of the various ranks you can earn and how winning and losing can effect your progress.

Splitgate Ranks System

The Splitgate ranked system works about how you’d expect an ELO based shooter to. There are eight tiers following the usual rarities from Brass to Bronze, up through Gold to Diamond, eventually reaching Master and Champion. There are also internal divisions like what was popularized with League of Legends. Get your rank up to 1500 and you’ll jump from Bronze II to Silver I.

  • Unranked
  • Brass (0-999)
  • Bronze I (1000-1249)
  • Bronze II (1250 – 1499)
  • Silver I (1500 – 1749)
  • Silver II (1750 – 1999)
  • Gold I (2000 – 2249)
  • Gold II (2250 – 2499)
  • Platinum I (2500-2749)
  • Platinum II (2750-2999)
  • Diamond I (3000-3249)
  • Diamond II (3250-3499)
  • Master I (3500-3749)
  • Master II (3750-3999)
  • Champion (4000-5000)

That seems simple enough, but the rank display screen at the end of each match can be a bit confusing. That big number in the center is your current rank. Even though you may be ranked Platinum, at the bottom of the screen you may see the words Unranked with 0/10 wins at Brass rank to advance. This has nothing to do with your current rank. Rather it is how you earn seasonal rewards. You’ll need to win at least ten matches in a season at rank Brass or higher to unlock that season’s Brass rewards. After doing so, you’ll unlock the next challenge for the Bronze rewards. This means you may have to win as many as 60 matches to unlock the Diamond ranked rewards. No resting on your laurels from previous seasons. We don’t know what impact your previous season’s finishing position has on this particular feature.

In general, winning matches will increase your rank and losing matches will decrease it. It isn’t always this simple, however. Things can vary depending on how the matches were put together. If you’re on the stronger team and you barely eek out a win, it’s entirely possible for you to lose rank despite winning. Likewise, if you’re on the disadvantaged team, you can lose and still find yourself climbing. There’s no rule which applies one hundred percent of the time so just play your hardest in every match. How knows, you may end up gaining despite defeat!

Splitgate is still in beta, of course, so there’s lots that can change between now and release. As of now, the ranked playlist is an eight player game mode with a mix of Team Deathmatch, Domination, and King of the Hill. You can probably imagine what these are based on your experience in other shooters. Domination is the usual control the points type of gameplay. When the full product is available, these could split off into separate ranked playlists or 1047 Games could just remove some of them entirely. Who knows! Splitgate is currently in beta and should release sometime in 2021.