Splatoon 3 Tips — 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Get the most of your time in the Splatlands with these tips.

Splatoon 3 tells you how to do a lot of things, but leaves out some details. Here are a few tips for the game that should help you fill in the blanks.

1. Use the Super Jump

One of the mechanics that Splatoon 3 doesn’t really explain is the super jump. It’s easy to do — just pull up the map during a match and you can launch yourself to the location of an ally. It makes getting back to the frontlines a snap, and helps you support your team in inking the contested middle ground of a battlefield.

2. Change Your Style — Splatoon 3 Tips

At the beginning of Splatoon 3, you’re asked to choose some aesthetic options for your character. This isn’t locked in, though — you can change it later at any time you like. Simply press the + button to enter the gear screen, scroll over to the “Other” category, then select the “Style” tab, where you can choose your hair, eyebrows, and legwear.

3. How to Use the Catalog

The Catalog is a feature in Splatoon 3 that’s basically equivalent to a battle pass in most other online games. Gaining experience from online battles or Salmon Run will also give you catalog experience. Most of what you earn from the catalog is cosmetics, specifically items used to decorate your locker. Head to Harmony’s store to pick up your rewards, then you can get to your locker by using the doors next to the capsule machine in the lobby.

4. Spin Around With the Y Button

In Splatoon 3 you can use the Y button to center your view, which helps with the game’s motion controls. But the game doesn’t really tell you that you can use the button for another purpose. When holding the stick down, press Y to do a quick 180 turn. This is especially useful for spinning quickly to take out enemies behind you.

5. Talk to Murch to Upgrade Your Gear — Splatoon 3 Tips

If you want to get the best gear in Splatoon 3, you’ll want to talk to Murch. You can find this character just to the right of the entrance to the Lobby, and he’s your vendor for doing various things with gear. Basically, you want to buy cheap gear at the store, “scrub” it to get Ability Chunks, and then collect enough of those to add a new ability to another piece of gear. You can also use Murch to reroll your gear slots, boost star power, and collect any orders you’ve placed for other people’s gear you’ve seen around the square.

6. How to Upgrade Your Weapon Freshness

Each weapon in Splatoon 3 has its own Freshness rating. You can check the Freshness of your weapons at any time by going into the gear menu and pressing ZL to flip the weapon card around. Freshness goes up with victories and splats and goes down with losses. Increasing Freshness will earn you things like Sheldon Licenses, which will allow you to buy more weapons.

7. Play Tableturf Battle — Splatoon 3 Tips

Head down the alley to the right of the Lobby entrance then turn right again to reach the Tableturf Battle Dojo. You’ll receive a starter deck when you arrive, and you can collect cards throughout Splatoon 3. Tableturf Battle is a turn-based one-on-one territory battle game where you place cards simultaneously with your opponent. Winning battles can unlock cosmetics like emotes and banners for use in the rest of the game.