Splatoon 3 Salmon Run Guide – How to Unlock Salmon Run

Suit up squid kid, Splatoon 3 has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch. Continuing the chaotic, colorful multiplayer gameplay of the previous entries, Splatoon 3 is packed full of content for fans to enjoy. Along with the normal multiplayer modes and campaign, Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run also makes a return. Acting as a cooperative PVE mode, players must collect Golden Salmanid Eggs to hit the quota set by Mr. Grizz. However, you will need to unlock Salmon Run first if you want to try this Splatoon 3 mode.

Splatoon 3 Unlock Salmon Run

How to Unlock Salmon Run

To unlock and play Salmon Run you need to first hit Level 4. You can hit Level 4 by participating in multiplayer matches, as these reward experience at the end. However, you will earn more experience if you win, so make sure to try your hardest. For me, it took around an hour to hit Level 4, so don’t worry about this being a long grind.

After doing so, you can go visit Mr. Grizz’s shop and begin your journey. Players can find Mr. Grizz’s shop at the top of the stairs in Splatsville to the right of the main multiplayer arena. You should see a small store with a bright orange sign out front (shown above). Approach the doors and head down the staircase to enter Mr. Grizz’s establishment.

Inside you will be greeted by Mr. Grizz who will recommend you partake in some training before going out on a job. I recommend doing both, as it teaches you both the main mechanics of the mode and how to deal with each of the boss Salmonids. This can be invaluable information — especially as you progress farther into this activity where the difficulty ramps up.

Unlike Splatoon 2, Salmon Run is available 24/7. Meaning, that you won’t need to wait around for Mr. Grizz to show up, you can just commit to being a Salmonid killing machine! You also won’t need to worry about buying specific weapons or abilities for Salmon Run, as Mr. Grizz generously gives you a weapon at the start of each round. Whether you’re good with that weapon doesn’t really matter. He’s a business bear, there’s no time to waste on squid kids wanting to use their gear.

If you want to play with friends, go into Mr. Grizz’s store and then press the left bumper. This will bring up the Match Menu which lets you select what type of job you want. Once in this menu, tap the right stick to bring up the option to play with friends. From there you can invite any of your buddies and create a lobby. Now you can go collect those Golden Eggs with your friends and earn some rewards.