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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tips Guide - 5 Things the Game Doesn't Tell You

While Spider-Man: Miles Morales plays pretty similarly to its predecessor, it’s important to note that there are some key changes you’ll need to take into account to make your Ultimate Spider-Man play his best. These changes make Miles feel like a unique character all his own, but the slight changes may trip you up if you’re still operating on Peter Parker vibes. That’s why we’ve put together five quick tips to get you started in the latest Spider-Man game!

Equip the Optic Triangulation Visor Mod as Soon as You Can

Miles’ suit comes with mods for both the visor and the bodysuit itself. The Optic Triangulation visor mode tracks enemies through walls and keeps them marked which is helpful since most missions are stealth missions. This mod makes it easier to keep track of everyone you still have to deal with and take note of their positions.

Use Miles’ Size to Your Advantage

Because he’s younger, Miles is a bit smaller and leaner than Peter. This makes him much more stealth inclined, despite the wallop his venom abilities can pack. Most encounters you head into early on will heavily feature sneaking up on enemies and snagging them while they’re not paying attention to thin the herd. But it’s easy to mess up as the goons’ lines of sight tend to waver a bit erratically. Luckily, if you do get caught, it’s fairly easy to get back into stealth mode, using Miles’ size to your advantage.

While you can of course simply flee the scene and wait it out if you get in trouble, there are plenty of little hidey holes you can tuck Miles into to get unwanted attention off your back. From spaces behind stacks of crates to gaps between train cars, Miles can fit into a lot of places your enemies won’t think to look, so you can wait out the heat without having to necessarily run or seek higher ground.

Utilize Your Venom and Camouflage Abilities

Like we said, Miles is a lot more geared towards stealth than Peter is, so don’t forget to use his unique abilities to your advantage. This game is all about Miles learning how to be his own Spider-Man, and the game asks you as the player to do the same. While scoping out an enemy base or going through a story mission with lots of baddies, it can be easy to forget that you’re not playing as Peter. Miles has more options to sneak thanks to his camouflage ability, and it’s often necessary to use if you want to get through an encounter completely unseen or at least as stealthily as possible.

When you do have to face enemies one on one, venom is a fantastic tool to have up your sleeve. Be sure to keep track of what venom moves you’ve learned since Miles’ abilities go well beyond his first suped up punch, and often are great avenues for crowd control and giving yourself a bit of room to breathe. Venom punches are also the easiest way to take down brutes and the enemies with the giant gauntlets.

Grab Underground Caches

Like its predecessor, Miles Morales requires you to complete tasks and find collectibles to unlock different gear. Underground caches are how you get the tech points you need to unlock suits, so it’s important to not ignore them. Each new suit also comes with a mod you can equip to whatever you’re wearing.

These icons show up on your map, but will disappear into a search area once you get close enough to them, replaced with a compass that will let you know how close you are to the cache by beeping faster as you approach the correct location

You Can Track Crimes in the Friendly Neighborhood App

While swinging around New York, you’ll get calls from Ganke to let you know about crimes happening in specific areas nearby. These are actual side missions you can track and take care of as you play. If he calls you about a crime, you don’t have to jump on it right away either. The calls can be found in the crimes section of the Friendly Neighborhood app, so if you’re in the middle of something else, you can come back to the crime in question by navigating to the Crimes tab in the Friendly Neighborhood app.

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