Smash Ultimate Character List – Complete Fighter Roster

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has the largest character roster in the history of the franchise with a whopping 72 fighters! This includes all previously available characters, 5 completely new fighters (so far), and six new Echo characters which are essentially reskins with new movesets. So far 68 Smash Ultimate characters have been announced meaning four more will be revealed before the game releases on December 7. Here’s our Smash Ultimate Character List!

First let’s take a look at the never-before-seen fighters.

New Characters

New Echo Fighters


How do I unlock characters?

There are a few different ways: World of Light, Classic Mode, regular gameplay, or the unlock trick. For details, head on over to our Unlock Guide.

Are Echo fighters new characters or just skins?

They’re more than new skins but not quite new characters. They’re similar to their base fighter but with a few small difference.

You can actually choose whether or not you want the game to display them in their own card slot or under the main character’s tile.

Where’s the darn character list?

Right here!

Here’s the complete list of Smash Bros Ultimate characters broken down by franchise.

Super Mario Characters

Donky Kong Characters

Legend of Zelda Characters

Metroid Characters

Yoshi Characters

Kirby Characters

StarFox Characters

Pokemon Characters

EarthBound Characters

F-Zero Characters

Ice Climber Characters

Fire Emblem Characters

Game & Watch Characters

Kid Icarus Characters

WarioWare Characters

Metal Gear Solid Characters

Sonic The Hedgehog Characters

Pikmin Characters

R.O.B. Characters

Animal Crossing Characters

Mega Man Characters

Wii Fit Characters

Punch-Out Characters

Mii Characters

Pac-Man Characters

Xenoblade Chronicles Characters

Duck Hunt Characters

Street Fighter Characters

Final Fantasy VII Character

Bayonetta 2 Characters

Splatoon Characters

Castlevania Characters