SINoALICE Tips Guide – 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

SINoALICE is out now on mobile markets, and it is definitely a trip. Homicidal children, cannibalistic sisters, and a dark, depressing theme of a fairy tale gone wrong. This is easily the most unique packaging an anime gacha game could have, but unfortunately, that packaging also serves to cloud all the different moving parts of the game. Get ready, readers, because happily ever after ends now. Here’s a list of things SINoALICE doesn’t tell you!

You Can Reroll Your Starting Pull Infinitely!

You read that right! SINoALICE is one of the few games that allows players to reroll their first pull indefinitely to get you situated properly. (In case you were wondering, a “proper” roll would be two SR weapons and a Class. More on this later.) Don’t worry, you’ll get well acquainted with Parrah and Noya while doing this. Even better, this roll happens before any tutorials take place, literally as soon as you open the app. Get rolling!

SINoALICE Is Not Character-Based, but Equipment Based

Tying back to the previous tip, you can unlock all “characters” through the story. Their Class, however, is a different story, as some Classes can only be unlocked via gacha. Classes are important because all skills obtained via Class Level Up are shared between all characters (except Class Skills, which are shared between classes). However, once you have a Class you want to play, you also need equipment to get them ready for combat. Your weapon grid consists of the various equipment you have, split into two categories – Damage Dealing and Support.

Let’s say that I want to play the Breaker Class. I have Cinderella/Breaker, Alice/Breaker, and Cinderella/Gunner unlocked and leveled up. My Cinderella/Breaker benefits from all Breaker Class Skills (but not Gunner Class Skills), and her weapon grid is equipped with 3 SR Swords, 2 SR Polearms, and 1 SR Gun. I have an SR Staff, but Breakers cannot use Staves, so it cannot be added to my weapon grid.

As you can see, you want as many pieces of SR equipment as possible, as that is where the bulk of your power will come from.

You Can Level Up Your Class With Mastery Points

Your Class can go up to a maximum of level 10 before limit break. You can limit break Classes with Class Cards, which are rare and usually traded for Tokens. You can use your Mastery Books from your inventory by tapping Menu and then tapping Items. You will likely have a ton of these from pre-registration and early quests.

Do NOT Fuse Your SR Weapons Until You Have a Full Deck of SR Weapons

Seems counterintuitive, but this is important because a few extra skill levels on your one SR weapon aren’t nearly as important as a secondary SR weapon in your deck. If your weapon grid is full, you can “crash” your A weapons, however, and the same goes for your Nightmares! Don’t forget that you can evolve weapons and nightmares to a higher tier as well! Speaking of…

There Are Excellent Nightmares for Sale in the Medal Shop

Do you see those three Nightmares? Literally, any of those will carry you throughout the game. The only downside is the Royal Medals are only obtainable if you buy their weekly or monthly subscription pass. The first pass is $2, and gives you one token. After that, you’ll need to purchase four more weeks of subscription to get enough medals.


No joke, join a Guild!  This is probably the most important tip on this list. You access Guild functions after clearing Act 1, Book 2, Chapter 10 with any character. Every day after your first day in a Guild, you are able to participate in the Coliseum, a PVP arena system. Unlike other gacha games, the PVP in SINoALICE is not a time-consuming affair. Once a day, your Guild gains access to the Coliseum for 20 minutes to fight against another Guild. Participating in the Coliseum is the only way to unlock certain Classes, including the extremely powerful Half-Nightmares.

Equip Your Sub-Gear!

Once you’ve filled out your weapon grid with gear, you can then equip any remaining equipment in your Sub-Gear slots! These items only give 10% of their normal value in stats, but that is still a 10% increase in stats that you didn’t previously have! When fiddling with gear, it’s acceptable to simply hit the “Recommended” button in the early game, but know that once you start to approach the mid to late game, you may need to tweak your gear individually.

And that’s seven things that SINoALICE doesn’t explain (or explains poorly). Which of the character Class combinations do you like the most? Are you a fan of Red Riding Hood’s ultra-violence, or Snow White’s warped ideal of justice? Drop us a comment below!