Sims 4 Build Mode Guide – Helpful Cheats, Best CC Downloads

CTRL + Shift + C

An average simmer will know these three keys “CTRL + Shift + C.” These three sweet keys allow for a whole new world of Sims. From enabling objects to move beyond a four square (or half) grid to unlocking all items within build/buy you can ultimately shape your simming experience to your desire. There are also so many animators that are willing to create furniture packs, and these packs are to die for. I have downloaded endless toddler/children packs because you never know when exactly they will come in handy. In this guide, we’ll be highlighting cheats quintessential to building in the Sims along with a variety of CC furniture packs for different spaces.

Sims 4 Cheats

Before you begin becoming that master builder you were meant to be, let’s establish a base with a few basic, yet quintessential, cheats you need in your arsenal to construct glorious functional lots. And this goes for whether it’s a residential, commercial, or a build for the Sims gallery. One thing I want to note is that, you don’t need to copy the cheats exactly as listed below, for example, “FreeRealEstate On” can simply be typed in as “freerealestate on.”

bb.moveobjects  Allows you to move objects beyond the standard grid and place objects anywhere. This comes in handy when you want to create clutter, giving objects a more natural placement.
bb.showhiddenobjects  Allows you to build with the buy debug catalog of items.

*to look for these items in buy mode, simply search DEBUG (after you’ve enabled the cheat) 

bb.showliveeditobjects This cheat is amazing for those in-game moments when your sims path is obstructed by a tree or fence. Quickly pop this in and move that obstacle
bb.enablefreebuild  You can now build on “locked lots” 

Lots such as hospitals and dorms become available to you 

bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement Unlock items that are only attainable through careers, aspirations, etc. 

*personally I don’t use this one, but still a good cheat to know

[ or ] keys  [ = Makes items bigger 

] = Makes items smaller 

Hold ALT while place Allows for free placement outside of the grid but also enables free rotation as well, another great cheat for building
CTRL + C while clicking a roof Helps you manipulate the shaping of roofs. 
FreeRealEstate On Allows you to buy literally any home, regardless of price


Best CC Downloads

As someone who prefers comfortability when it comes to downloading CC my go-to website is There are definitely other websites to go to in search of CC though. The famous one as many may know is the TSR (The Sims Resource). TSR is a great source and can even help you learn how to make your own custom content. Simdom is a landing page of sorts that’ll often redirect to Patreon pages of animators or take you to simshare (a 1000 percent trusted site for downloading mods and custom content into your game). 

We highly, highly, recommend (if you can) to subscribe and give these creators some love. They diligently listen to folks within the community and have on many occasions given us what the base game has not. If you’ve downloaded mods into your games before, then downloading CC should be easy because the process is indistinguishable. Since Cottage Living came out, many creators have built whimsical packs, clutters, and cottagecore vibes. Here are some packs for various rooms that you need in your game now.

Sims 4 Bathroom CC

Cozy Bathroom Kit


Sims 4 Bedroom CC

Urban Bedroom Kit – by quickie introvert

Bastvik Bedroom – by myshuosun

Sims 4 Clutter CC

In this category, you’ll see a bunch of clutter by the creator pocci, and when you look at their work you’ll know why! Everything listed below is directly linked to their Patreon (just reiterating that it’s free)

Lavender Mini Set – by pocci

Broken Wagon – by kouzeesim

Eucalyptus In Pewter Vase & Paper-Wrapped Lilac – by pocci

Steaming Cups – by pocci 

Lily of the Vally – by pocci

Vintage Tea Set – by pocci

Sims 4 Dining Sets CC

“Tiny Living” Dining Set – by dorohimfant 

French Country Dining Set – by Cowbuild 

“Laura” – by aifirsa

Spring Dining Mini Set – by pocci


Sims 4 Garden CC

Garden Clutter – by RAVASHEEN

Gardening Table – by aroundthesims 


Sims 4 Kids CC

Petit Chef – by Syboulette

Tiny Twavellers Pack – by Felixandre

*The link above redirects you to the creator’s Patreon but you do not need to be subscribed to purchase the pack! I do, however, push you to support them (again, if you can) because they have poured their souls into curating something like this. I personally LOVE this pack. It is just too cute for my senses. 

Twins Safari Packarchitecture_sims 

“Minni” – by aifirsa


Sims 4 Kitchen: Sets CC

The Kitchen is my most used space in the Sims. I love cooking and exploring with ingredients harvested from my garden. Since Cottage Living, the options with cooking have increased tenfold. Now you can make canned foods (such as preserved food, jam, etc). I typically love to become a chef so it naturally makes sense I have limitless packs. Here are my downloads for this month. 

Small Spaces: Pantry CC Pack

This pack is great for really adding clutter space around the kitchen. Giving ample space for groceries too if you have the food overhaul mood. 

Delicious Kitchen: Custom Stuff Pack 

This pack came out a while ago and is an unbelievable must in your CC folder. The amount of swatches + textures conveys the amount of finite detailed attention that was mustered up to create this pack. The items here are pretty universal to be placed in any world and any theme you are trying to achieve. I love having various items from packs to mix and match. 

Cottage Kitchen: Custom Stuff Pack 

ROLD SKOV Kitchen – by Piersim 

Cottage Cor Blimey! – by amoebae

Sims 4 Kitchen: Clutter CC

Country Kitchen Kit (inventory enabled) – by icemunmun

Country Kitchen Kit (base game compatible colors)

Clutter – by milla_anyekitchenclutter


Sims 4 Living Room CC

Mette Living – by myshuosun