Sekiro Treasure Carp Scales Guide: Pot Noble Harunaga, Location, & Upgrades

Sekiro is easily one of the hardest games From Software has made to date. Which is why you’re going to want every advantage at your disposal. That means collecting every consumable, unlocking every upgrade, and maybe buying a lot of extra help from friends. Thankfully, there are a number of shops to help with that last goal. Specifically, you really want to collect Treasure Carp Scales to purchase items from Pot Noble Harunaga in Sekiro.

But what does any of that mean? Where (and what) is Pot Noble Harunaga? How do you collect Treasure Carp Scales? And just what can you actually buy from the slimy old merchant? Well, our guide on where to find this and more is all right here. Let’s take a look!

Where is Pot Noble Harunaga?

Pot Noble Harunaga can be found very early on in the Hirata Estate level. You won’t just find this zone on the critical path, however. Reaching the estate-out-of-time requires a special item: the Young Lord’s Bell Charm. You can find it in the “Outskirts Wall – Gate Path” region. Shortly after fighting General Noamori Kawarada, you will come across an old woman on the second floor of a burnt-out hut. Speak to her, then pick the second dialogue option, and she will give you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm.

Once you have the item, it’s time to return to the Dilapidated Temple (the building with the Sculptor from the beginning of the game). There’s a Buddha statue inside that looks much nicer than the Sculptor’s usual output. And now, with the bell, you can pray at the statue. This will finally transport you to the Hirata Estate!

Pot Noble Harunaga isn’t hard to find, either — assuming you know where to look. There’s a long bridge near the very start of the level that carries you toward the main estate. Instead of crossing it, however, take a look to its right-hand side. There’s a large body of water with some miniature islands in the distance. Head in this direction. Pot Noble Harunaga will call out to you, once you get close enough, and should be easy to recognize. He’s… a man in a pot. Speak to him to unlock his services!

Sekiro Treasure Carp Guide

Treasure Carp Scales in Sekiro

Harunaga doesn’t just accept any old currency, though. The Sen you acquire from defeating enemies, and can spend at other vendors, won’t work. Instead you need to find Treasure Carp Scales. These lovely little items come from the Treasure Carp you see floating in bodies of water throughout the world. Killing one will give you one Treasure Carp Scale apiece. Collect enough and you can cash them in for upgrades with Harunaga.

There are even three Treasure Carp floating around the water near the Hirata Estate that we’ve been able to find. You can kill them by just hopping in the water and swinging your sword. Don’t waste time and ammunition trying to kill them with shuriken, though. The basic ranged attack barely does any damage.

In addition to the three Treasure Carp, you can find another scale washed up on the beach near the base of the bridge. It’s on the left-hand side (assuming you’re facing away from the direction you entered the level from) of the bridge itself. That will net you a total of four Treasure Carp Scales right away. Which is more than enough to buy the first two items in Harunaga’s shop.

Of these two, his red gourd is the most useful purchase by far. It functions just like your normal Healing Gourd — which is to say it recharges every time you fully die or rest. Instead of healing you, however, it reduces the buildup of burn damage and makes you more resistant to fire for a short time. A number of enemies and even bosses use fire damage. So it’s a nice little perk to carry around.

Just remember that you can always fast travel to and from the Hirata Estate — and thus to Pot Noble Harunaga — once you unlock it. You don’t need to use the Buddha statue to return!

And there you have it. You’ve now unlocked Pot Noble Harunaga, and know what to do with Treasure Carp Scales, in Sekiro. Make the most out of this useful merchant and his wares. You’re probably going to need all the help you can get.