Rollerdrome Tips Guide: 8 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

A few Rollerdrrome tips to achieve victory in this tough championship.

Rollerdrome tips are sure to come in handy considering how much depth there is in the game. The latest from Roll7 and Private Division pits a third-person shooter with skating elements, and while the foundation is straightforward enough, the game won’t hesitate to test your skills. This guide lists a few tips that you should keep in mind before hitting the rails, covering everything from combat to exploration.

Rollerdrome Tips 3

Rollerdrome Tips

1. You Can Still Shoot Baddies Even if They’re Not Locked Down in Your Aim

Locking down your aim inĀ Rollerdrome is super useful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit enemies without it. It’s going to depend on the range between you and them, as well as the weapon you’re using, but it’s always worth the try when they’re in low health and you’ve just depleted your slow-motion bar.

2. You Can Push Yourself Off From Walls

Whenever you’re in movement and you get close to a wall, you can press the jump button again once you’re against it to jump back off from it and impulse yourself on the opposite direction. This is helpful when you’re doing a grind that ends on a wall, for example, as you can just return and continue grinding to the other side. Or just in general in case you need to reposition yourself.

3. When Using Explosives, the Vicinities Also Count

You don’t need to hit the character right in the face, but the structure around them or even above them (if they’re up on a ledge, for example) is going to count as well as long as it’s near enough

4. You Can Jump in And Out Levels to Complete Challenges

Challenges will still count even if you don’t finish the whole stage, which makes it easier when you’re trying to progress to the next set of levels throughout the championship.

Rollerdrome Tips 2

5. You Can Roll Through The Mecha Brut’s Legs

One of the most usefulĀ Rollerdrome tips I have to share is that you can actually roll through the Mecha Bruts’ legs without hurting yourself. While it’s a massive enemy and one that looks daunting, you won’t be hit by the impact, so feel free to use that to reposition yourself and avoid getting hurt by its flamethrowers. Or you can also redirect any rockets that its sent to your way towards its way instead, as enemies can be hit from other enemies’ projectiles, or just their own.

6. The Grenades From Your Grenade Launcher Will Hurt You

Speaking of which, you’re going to receive damage from the grenades you use with the grenade launcher. That being said, you can also dodge them. In that case, I always recommend dodging backwards, which makes everything easier.

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7. When a Trick Asks For a “Flip” Variant, Use R1/RB

You may see on occasion while reading challenges that some require a specific trick with the word “flip” to it. This means that you need to use R1 or RB depending on your control while performing said trick.

8. Get Used to Doing Tricks All of the Time

Something I like to do when I need ammo is to quickly jump in place as I’m moving and perform any trick I can. The easiest and quickest I can do the better, as it’s still going to count. If you pair this with a perfect dodge, as you’ll sadly be left exposed, it can get you back into the game with ease.