Rollerdrome Out for Blood Guide: How to Unlock, What Changes

How to unlock the Rollerdrome Out for Blood mode and all of the differences.

Rolledrome Out for Blood is an alternative mode that is present in the main menu but can’t be accessed from the get-go. Progressing through the stages may take a while, and you may be wondering what it entails. The latest game from Roll7 and Private Division pits a third-person shooter with skating elements, and while the foundation is straightforward enough, the game won’t hesitate to test your skills. This guide explains how to unlock the Out for Blood mode in Rollerdrome and all of the differences and changes.

How to Unlock the Rollerdrome Out for Blood Mode

In order to unlock the Out for Blood mode in Rollerdrome, you need to complete the campaign. This means going through all of the championship levels and defeating the final boss. After the credits roll, you’ll see a message saying that you now have access to this mode, which is available in the main menu.

The levels are the following:

  • Opening Stages: Matterhorn Arena, Pike’s Canyon, Civetta Summit, Houston Mall
  • Quarters: Echo Basin, Barbican Arena, Eiger Resort
  • Semis: Green Bay Mall, Zugspitze Station, Zabriskie Research
  • Final: Matterhorn Stadium

If you’re curious, yes, you can still access the main campaign independently — Out for Blood acts as a separate mode with its own save file, so to speak, so there won’t be an overlap between the two.

Rollerdrome Out for Blood Changes and Differences

If you’re wondering what exactly changes with Out for Blood, the mode basically takes you through the same levels, but with some key differences listed below:

  • All House Players now appear at all stages of the contest
  • All weapons are available from the very first match
  • House Players now deal 1.5x damage
  • All new remixed soundtrack

In addition, you’re going to nice a few visual differences here and there. The massive font that greets you with the stage’s name every time you start a new run is different, and both the main menu screen, UI while browsing for levels in the Out for Blood menu, and just general vibe are turned red. Also, the protagonist wears a different outfit, which is a nice touch.

Rollerdrome Out for Blood 2

As for what the objectives entail, they’re quite different as well. You won’t have to worry about actually completing challenges to progress through the levels in the way that it happens with the main campaign. Instead, the challenges here are completely optional, and are mostly based on hitting high scores. In order to make it to the next set of levels, you just need to complete the last one of each championship step.

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That being said, Out for Blood is absurdly punishing. Right from the first level you’re dealing with tons of enemies on screen, and the damage boost is felt immediately. I’ve found myself scrapping for health pickups everywhere I went. As always, I recommend staying in movement, using the perfect reflex as much as possible, and just staying vigilant. Best of luck out there.