The Riptide Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 Has a Secret Purpose

Chill Clip on a rapid-fire frame is great for taking out tricky enemies

If you’ve been playing any amount of Crucible in Destiny 2 this season, you’ve probably been buried in a pile of Riptides. This rapid-fire fusion rifle was added to the game with Season of the Haunted, and whether it’s due to a bug or is intended behavior, it’s been dropping like crazy from PVP playlists. On first glance, Riptide isn’t anything impressive. Sure, it’s a Stasis fusion rifle, which is neat. But Riptide’s rapid-fire frame actually works to its advantage in one specific scenario: taking out Champions.

See, Riptide can roll with Chill Clip, a perk that gives direct hits with the top half of the magazine a slowing effect. We’ve known for a while now that Stasis slowing can interrupt Champions and make them easier to take out, but because Riptide is a rapid-fire frame, it can essentially stunlock Barrier Champions. That means you don’t need to run an Anti-Barrier mod or Exotic, you can just blast them before they’re able to get their shields up and heal.

There is one caveat here, which is that Chill Clip only works on the top half of the magazine. So, you’ll want to boost the Riptide’s magazine size however you can — Enhanced or Ionized Battery and/or the Backup Magazine mod should do the trick.

Have you had any luck using Riptide to take out Champions in Destiny 2 or do you prefer to go the traditional route? Let me know in the comments. And god, I hope the Barrier Sidearm mod is fixed soon.

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