Resident Evil Village Guide Hub – Bosses, Weapons, Puzzles, & More!

The next horrifying installment of the Resident Evil series has finally arrived. Continuing the story of Ethan Winters following the events of Resident Evil 7Resident Evil Village sees our titular hero venture into a mysterious eastern European town to save his kidnapped baby. Throughout your journey, Ethan will encounter all sorts of horrific monsters, eccentric characters, puzzles, and familiar faces. Pulling inspiration from previous entries, Resident Evil Village mixes both horror and action. Unsurprisingly, you can miss a lot of you don’t thoroughly explore or have experience with this franchise.

To help you out during your journey, we have created a master hub for all of our guides. Below you will find walkthroughs for every major boss fight, how to obtain key items, puzzle solutions, and breakdowns of basic mechanics you’ll need to survive. I recommend bookmarking this hub if you aren’t confident in your lycan slaying abilities, just in case you need some help.

The Basics

Puzzle Solutions