Resident Evil Village Doll Puzzle Guide – Music Box, Film Strips Solution

The next horrifying installment of the Resident Evil series has finally arrived. Continuing the story of Ethan Winters following the events of Resident Evil 7Resident Evil Village sees our titular hero venture into a mysterious eastern European town to save his kidnapped baby. Throughout your journey, Ethan will encounter all sorts of horrific monsters, eccentric characters, puzzles, and familiar faces. Pulling inspiration from previous entries, Resident Evil Village mixes both horror and action. While Lady Dimitrescu’s castle focuses more on action, House Beneviento is full of puzzles and psychological horrors. Upon meeting Donna’s doll, the room will go dark and you’ll lose all your weapons. Thankfully, the doll was kind enough to leave a puzzle for you to solve!

How to Open the Doll Workshop Door

Get the Silver Key, Wedding Ring, and Unlock the Door

When you regain control of Ethan, approach the doll and examine the right arm. Run Ethan’s hand up to the shoulder until he pops out part of the doll revealing the Silver Key. Now move to the other side of the doll and examine the left hand. Pull off the bloody wedding ring, set the piece down, and approach the door to your left. Open it with the Silver Key, go over to the sink, and wash your wedding ring to clean it up. You can now examine the ring’s band, which will reveal the number sequence 05-29-11. Approach the doors you used to originally enter this room and input the numbers into the lock. This will open it, giving you access to the hallway once again.

Resident Evil Village Music Box

Winding Key and the Music Box

Before you go down the hallway, head back to the doll and tug off its left foot. Ethan will dump out a Winding Key, which is used for a music box in the next room. With the Winding Key in hand, make your way down the hallway and into the first room on your left. Inside you will find a music box at the end of the table, which you can slot the Winding Key into. For this puzzle, you need to align the rotaries so they play the entire song. To do this, line up the different scratches and indents across multiple rotaries so they look like the one above. Remember, you are focusing on the scratches, not the different groves that actually produce the music. If you play the right song, the bottom will open and you’ll earn the Tweezers.

Reesident Evil Village Film Strips

Film Strips and Scissors

Now head back to the doll and open her mouth. You can use the Tweezers to grab a film strip from its mouth. Go down the hallway once again, but this time take the door on the right to the study. Approach the row of film strips and arrange them in the following order:

  1. Stuffed Animals
  2. Story Book
  3. Rose
  4. Music Box
  5. Wedding Ring

Press Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox) to play the creepy film, which triggers a secret door to open across from you. Go into the crawl space, turn right, and pick up the scissors in the doll’s hand.

Resident Evil Village Workshop Door

Make your back to the safe room and cut open the center to reveal the Brass Medallion. Go to the Workshop door down the hall on the left and put rotate through the medallion symbols until they match the picture above. This will unlock the door, allowing you to climb down the well to grab the Breaker Key.