Resident Evil 2 Guide – How to get the Shotgun & Grenade Launcher 

The Raccoon City Police Department of Resident Evil 2 isn’t the safe haven it once was. When the game starts, it’s infested with hordes of the undead and mutated monstrosities. And the paltry handguns you arrived with will only get you so far. So it’s time to grab some heavier firepower. This guide will explain how you unlock the Shotgun for Leon, or the Grenade Launcher for Claire in Resident Evil 2.

Note that these weapons are exclusive to their respective characters.

But whoever you’re playing, you’ll eventually meet up with Marvin Branagh and obtaine the Combat Knife. After that you can unlock the shutters which cover the exit on the southwest of the Main Hall. Head through the western corridors that loop around the building until you come to the Operations Room. Once inside, you’ll see that the exit door is chained up. Luckily for you, there is an open window and a stack of boxes that should let you climb up and out — straight into another corridor. Walk forward and deal with the zombie ahead of you, then turn left. There are now two doors in front of you. Go through the door on the left and you’ll enter the Safety Deposit Room.

Resident Evil 2 Shotgun Grenade Launcher

There is a weapons locker at the back of this room. It holds your arsenal upgrade: the Shotgun (for Leon) or Grenade Launcher (for Claire). Unfortunately, this locker is, well, locked and requires a keycard.

Resident Evil 2 Shotgun Grenade Launcher

For now, continue along and head up to the third floor of the police station via the staircase to the north of the Safety Deposit Room. On this floor, you’ll find the Spade Key on a desk in the first room you come across. Use the key on the nearby door and continue through the Western Storage Room. On the easier difficulties there is even a Hip Pouch in here, which expands your item capacity. Make sure to pick it up before moving on!

Now continue through into the Library. Marvin will radio you, calling you back to the Lobby. You can take a shortcut back to the lobby by unlocking the connecting door from the library using the Spade Key.

Talk to Marvin. Then head back to the second floor, but this time go the eastern side of the station and move through to the Waiting Room. Use the Spade Key to exit the eastern door and then turn left in the corridor. There is a door just ahead of you which leads to the Art Room. In here you will find the Weapons Locker Keycard on a table next to a green lamp. Pick it up!

Resident Evil 2 Shotgun Grenade Launcher

With the keycard acquired, it’s now time to head back to the Safety Deposit Room and claim our well-earned weapon. You can unlock the door in the Main Hall, which connects to the West Office, using the Spade Key. This will give you a shortcut through to the Safety Deposit Room. Use this method to skip the other, zombie-infested route. Enter the Weapons Locker Keycard into the card reader on the locker and claim your prize.

Resident Evil 2 Shotgun Grenade Launcher

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Shotgun or Grenade Launcher (once again, depending on which character you play). And no, I don’t know why the police have a grenade launcher on hand. In fact, I don’t want to know. But it’s bloody lucky for Claire that they did. Now get out there and pacify the zombie hordes with your new boomstick.