Resident Evil 2 Combinations Guide – Green, Red, & Blue Herb Recipes

Resident Evil 2 combinations are a major boon to anyone that runs low on ammo or health. Gunpowder and herbs create extremely useful (and deadly) resources to help you on your journey. But which combinations create what? How many bullets do you get? And what does damage resistance actually mean?

In this guide, we’ll specifically cover the life-giving herb recipes in the Resident Evil 2 remake. If you have any questions about red, green, and blue herbs, or what they do individually, this should have you covered! Now let’s take a look.

Green Herbs, Green Herbs, and… More Green Herbs

Green Herbs are by far the most common healing items found throughout Resident Evil 2. They’re also the weakest — at least individually. You can actually combine two and even three Green Herbs together for a more potent healing effect. Two will restore a moderate amount of health while the full stack of three restores you to max (like a First-Aid Spray).

The true benefit of these concoctions is saving inventory space. You can mix your plentiful Green Herbs together to open up storage. Then just wait to take more damage than usual (say if Leon or Claire are in the red) and pop it to max yourself out.

Green Herbs & Red Herbs

Green Herb + Red Herb – This is a simple combination. Just mix a Green Herb and a Red Herb for another full heal! It works just like a First-Aid Spray and/or three Green Herbs together. Red Herbs don’t do anything by themselves, either. They only boost the effects of other herb combinations. So you might as well make the most of your healing items by adding them to the mix.

Green Herb + Green Herb + Red Herb – This is an extremely useful combo, if you don’t mind blowing a slightly uncommon Red Herb. It will fully restore your health, much like other combinations, but also reduce the damage you receive for quite a while. That makes it especially great for dodging Lickers and Mr. X! You’ll still take some damage, but not nearly as much.

Green Herbs & Blue Herbs

Green Herb + Blue Herb – Blue herbs are most notable for their ability to cure poison. Venomous enemies aren’t super common in Resident Evil 2, however, and you may never wind up poisoned at all. But if you do, consider combining the Blue Herb with a Green Herb.

The combination doesn’t just heal you the normal amount and remove any toxins. A Green and Blue Herb combo actually heals more than a single Green Herb. So, in a pinch, you can use the cocktail to heal your hero a bit more than usual. Just try to avoid getting unnecessarily poisoned! Blue Herbs seem to be the rarest in the game.

Green Herb + Green Herb + Blue Herb – This is basically a more potent version of the previous recipe. The three-hit combo still removes poison, but it also heals you to full, rather than the moderate amount from before.

Red Herbs & Blue Herbs

Red Herb + Blue Herb – This combination is more of a preventative measure. Not only does it cure poison, it actually makes you immune to the stuff for a limited time. Given how uncommon poisonous monsters (not to mention Red and Blue Herbs) can be, this concoction is hard to recommend. Save these for stronger combinations involving Green Herbs unless absolutely necessary.

Green, Red, & Blue Herbs

Green Herb + Red Herb + Blue Herb – This is the granddaddy of all herb recipes in Resident Evil 2. You basically get every single benefit from every other combination all at once. That means you get full health, remove poison, prevent poison for a short time, and reduce incoming damage for a while, to boot.

It’s usually overkill — especially if you’re not up against enemies with poison. You can just just use a more common Green/Red or Green/Green/Red combo for most of the same effects. But hey! You never know what you might run into in Resident Evil 2. Not to mention the upcoming DLC might have a greater focus on poisonous monsters. The combination could come in handy.

And that’s everything! The Resident Evil 2 remake can hit you with some very dire creatures and situations. So hopefully this herb recipe guide will help you make your way through the diabolical disaster in Raccoon City. Until then, good luck and take care out there!