Resident Evil 2 Combinations Guide – Gunpowder Recipes

Gunpowder in Resident Evil 2 can be a godsend. The useful combination items don’t just net you more ammo, but let you select what kind of rounds you want to create for which weapons. The game gives you a very basic breakdown of gunpowder combos early on, but

In this guide, we’ll specifically cover the life-giving herb recipes in the Resident Evil 2 remake. If you have any questions about red, green, and blue herbs, or what they do individually, this should have you covered! Now let’s take a look.

Handgun Ammo

Gunpowder + Gunpowder – This is your bread and butter combination. It’s so ubiquitous, in fact, that both Claire and Leon share it in their different campaigns! Mixing one jar of Gunpowder with another will produce about 13-14 rounds of basic handgun ammo. That’s actually quite a lot for what you spend! Although there seems to be an element of randomness in final number of bullets you receive.

Bear in mind that using Gunpowder (Large) in your combination will produce “double” the usual number of bullets.

Shotgun Ammo (Leon)

Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder – It’s a good thing the shotgun is so powerful. Otherwise this wouldn’t amount to much bang for your buck. Mixing together standard Gunpowder and High-Grade Gunpowder produces just about three shotgun shells for Leon’s trusty pump. Although, like all gunpowder recipes, that can vary slightly.

Remember that using Gunpowder (Large) in your mix will produce double the usual number of ammunition. That’s about six shotgun shells, for all your mathletes out there.

MAG Ammo (Leon)

High-Grade Gunpowder + High Grade Gunpowder – Finally, we have the recipe for Leon’s Lightning Hawk MAG. As you can see, it requires two stacks of High Grade Gunpowder. That also means that you can’t use a set of Gunpowder (Large) to double the usual number of bullets. You do get about half a dozen rounds for your hand cannon per combo, however.

Acid Rounds (Claire)

Gunpowder + High Grade Gunpowder – Claire sure is lucky (relatively speaking). You’d think getting a damn grenade launcher to use against zombies was overkill enough. But no, the zombie hunter in red also gets a little extra variety in her arsenal.

Her grenade launcher normally fires flame rounds (which you can find throughout the world of Resident Evil 2). However, you can also scout out and even craft Acid Rounds for your favorite boomstick. Just mix the recipe above for the corrosive results. You sadly can’t gin up your own fire rounds, though. And use Gunpowder (Large) for a little extra kick.

Submachine Gun Ammo (Claire)

High Grade Gunpowder + High Grade Gunpowder – Last but not least, we come to Claire’s rapid-fire SMG. Just mix together two stacks of High Grade Gunpowder for a stack of bullets. But remember that the High Grade stuff isn’t just rare — you also can’t use Gunpowder (Large) to double your usual number of bullets with this recipe.

And that’s everything! The Resident Evil 2 remake can hit you with some very dire creatures and situations. So hopefully this herb ammo crafting guide will help you make your way through the diabolical disaster in Raccoon City. Until then, good luck and take care out there!