Remnant: From the Ashes Labyrinth Armor Guide – How to Unlock the New Set

The Swamps of Corsus DLC for Remnant: From the Ashes, adds in a lot of new content. Between weapons, mods, traits, and even new bosses to face off against,there’s a lot to discover. Of course, there are also new armors to track down including the rather excellent Labyrinth Armor. Knowing it’s good is one thing though, actually unlocking this set is another.

The new Labyrinth Armor is especially good because aside from decent defensive abilities, it grants you improved damage with your mods, up to a 50% boost if you’re wearing all three pieces. It also draws Scarp and Iron materials towards you, which is a very nice bonus.

How to Unlock Labyrinth Armor

Unlocking the Labyrinth Armor isn’t hard; it just requires a bit of luck and persistence. The first thing you need to do is find the Iskal Queen in a Corsus Adventure. Of course, you’ll already know how to start those thanks to our guide on how to access the DLC, but basically, just head to the crystal in Ward 13, click World Settings, then set up a new adventure there.

This is where you start to need luck. You have to find the Iskal Temple on your adventure, as that’s where the queen resides. This particular locale is found in the large spire dungeons, rather than the underground cave ones.

Once you find it, go in and say hello to the queen and she’ll hand you the Cryptolith Sigil. You then need to go hunting for towers. The simplest way to do this is to check on the surface section of the Corsus Adventure maps. You may need to reroll the adventures a few times here, but it shouldn’t take too long.

remnant tower

After you’ve found the tower, use the Cryptolith Sigil on it, and you’ll give it its first charge, which will also unlock the Concentration trait for you. The good news is that the Cryptolith Sigil stays in your inventory, the bad news is that you’re going to need another tower.

Reroll the adventure again and hope for the best. You’ll eventually find another tower which already has the first section charged. Use the Sigil again to add one more and you’ll unlock the Blood Bond trait.

Do this all one final time, and you’ll get some Glowing Fragments, but, more importantly, a portal should open up near the tower. This is usually to the left of the entrance, but it may appear elsewhere.

Head through the portal, and you’ll be in a strange world where platforms magically appear under your feet. Take the left exit and then follow the new path left to find the Labyrinth Armor. Make your way back, follow the path to the left again until you reach solid ground and then turn right and follow the path once more to get the Labyrinth Greaves.

Finally, follow the path along to get back to the starting area and take the left exit, no path will appear, so you’ll need to drop down off of the ledge and onto a hidden path. The Labyrinth Helm is inside the building underneath where you started, grab it and you’ve got a shiny new set of armor to mess around with.