Reminder: Ada-1 Has Rare Shaders in Destiny 2 Now

Oh, Ada-1. Once the master of the Black Armory Forges, she’s since been reduced to a keeper of cosmetics in Destiny 2. A while back, she was put in charge of the armor transmog machine, the Loom. And now, in Lightfall, she’s gotten a new addition to her inventory — old shaders. If you’re a new Destiny 2 player, or even if you’ve been playing for a while, it’s worth visiting her once a week to see what she has in stock.

Ada-1 sells three shaders a week for 10,000 Glimmer each. They include some that haven’t been available for a very long time in Destiny 2. Here’s a full list of the shaders she’ll be selling throughout season 20.

Ada-1 Shaders in Destiny 2 Season 20

Ada-1 Shaders — Black Armory

  • Bergusian Night
  • Satou Tribe
  • House of Meyrin
  • Rasmussen Clan
  • Refurbished Black Armory
  • New Age Black Armory

Vaulted Location Shaders

  • New Pacific Sink (Worn)
  • New Pacific Sink
  • New Pacific Rush (Worn)
  • New Pacific Rush
  • Flowers of Io (Worn)
  • Flowers of Io
  • Echoes of Io (Worn)
  • Echoes of Io
  • The Mad Monk
  • Bray Innovation
  • Arctic Dreamscape
  • Kairos Black
  • Kairos Bronze
  • Kairos Gold
  • Mercury Prophetic
  • Tangled Bronze
  • Tangled Rust

Ada-1 Shaders — Vaulted Seasonal Shaders

  • Dark Omolon
  • Envious Touch
  • Goldleaf
  • Golden Empire
  • Cinderchar
  • Shadow Gilt
  • Vitrified Chronology
  • Vitrified Duality Valkyrie
  • Midnight Exigent

Vaulted Faction Shaders

  • New Monarchy Allegiance
  • War Cult Scheme
  • Dead Orbit Vision
  • New Monarchy Succession
  • War Cult Endgame
  • Dead Orbit Resurrection
  • New Monarchy Regalia
  • New Monarchy Diamonds
  • War Cult Camo
  • War Cult Rain
  • Dead Orbit Camo
  • Dead Orbit’s Fate

Ada-1’s inventory of shaders changes at every weekly reset, so don’t forget to go and visit her down in the Tower annex to see what she’s got. Some of these, like the faction shaders, were vaulted even before the now-vaulted Forsaken came out, so they haven’t been available in Destiny 2 for years at this point.