How to Redeploy as a Human in COD Warzone Zombies Royale

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Halloween event has officially begun and it’s bringing a ton of spooky changes. From scary, horror movie-inspired skins to ghosts roaming various points of interest, there are a ton of things that go bump in the night. The highlight of this event is Zombies Royale, which takes a classic mode like Infected and gives it a battle royale twist. At the start of each match, players will be human and can battle it out like they normally would. However, when you die instead of going to the Gulag you will be reborn as a zombie and tasked with hunting down other players. However, you can come back as a human if you play it smart and don’t just run straight at an enemy.

How to Revive as a Human

When you are a zombie you will be tasked with killing other players and obtaining two serum samples that drop when a human dies. Collecting these two syringes will allow you to instantly redeploy onto the battlefield with or without your squad. The catch is, even if your entire squad becomes a zombie you still have a chance to win. So long as you obtain two of these glowing purple syringes the game will spawn you back, even if it’s the final moments of the match. I actually won a game this way, but getting two syringes before the last human player died and won while hovering over all the chaos in my parachute.

The syringes you need to collect will be marked on your mini-map and look like purple, tilted rectangles. Running over one will instantly add it to your inventory and pick up the second causes you to redeploy. That being said, if you die while you’re a zombie then there is no coming back for you. But if you come back as a zombie, redeploy, and then die again you’ll become a ghoul once more. This cycle continues until either your entire zombie squad is wiped or someone wins the game.

Additionally, zombies have a few tools they can use to their advantage. The first is a long jump to help them zoom across the map, reach high locations, or close the gap. You can also throw a gas grenade to help dislodge entrenched enemies or use an EMP pulse to disable vehicles or gadgets. When playing as a zombie, highly recommend that you hunt for the remains of battles and prioritize getting two syringes. Yes, killing people as a ghastly ghoul is fun, but you’re also very loud as a zombie and can be easily slain.

Unless it’s the end of the match, you can typically find some syringes lying around in key points of interest or hot zones like Downtown, Superstore, or Stadium. If you do need to attack someone, never charge them head on otherwise you’ll most likely die. Play it safe and wait until they are distracted before jumping on them. I like to toss a gas grenade and then leap right at someone when their vision is obscured. Finally, try to travel in groups if it’s the beginning or middle of the match. There will be plenty of syringes and you’ll want a few other zombies to soak up damage for you!

They’re already dead, I’m sure they won’t mind.