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Red Dead 2 Cheats Guide: How to Use Cheats, All Cheat Codes

Rockstar Games is known for including fun ways to cheat the system in its titles. Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception. There’s a wide selection of Red Dead 2 cheats you can use to liven up your time in the Wild West. Each one unlocks a variety of different and fun things to help you enjoy your game to the fullest.

Interested in changing up your game in some fun (and sometimes unexpected) ways? Use some of these Red Dead 2 cheat codes, listed below, for your convenience. Just don’t blame us if you have a hard time going back to the standard game!

How to Use Cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2

You can enter cheats in Red Dead 2 via the special “Cheats” menu. This can be accessed via pressing Triangle on PlayStation 4 or Y on Xbox One, then heading to the Settings menu. The Cheats menu will show a list of all the cheat codes currently unlocked. Each cheat comes with special unlock requirements that you need to meet before it’s added to the list.

For some, this is as simple as typing in a passphrase. For others, you must complete various actions in-game. Usually this entails tracking down newspapers found throughout the game. If you want to cheat, you’re going to have to work for it.

But wait! Before you make the decision to cheat, know that all Trophies and/or Achievements will become disabled. If you want to earn them and make progress regularly, you have to play without those special goodies turned on. Consider only turning on cheats after you get all the achievements you want, or ask yourself how important those challenges are to you in the first place.

Full List of Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats

Gathered below is a complete list of Red Dead 2 cheats. The cheat’s name, bolded above “Cheat Title,” must be typed in to unlock each cheat (the passphrase mentioned above).  You’ll then recognize it in the menu by its “Cheat Title.” For instance, typing in “A fool on command” will unlock the cheat “Drunk,” which can be selected in the menu from then on. It requires no unlock prerequisites.

Check the list below for each passphrase, the cheat’s “official” title, its effect, and the unlock requirements you need to keep in mind before using each one.

“A fool on command”

Cheat Title: Drunk

Effect: Remain drunk for the foreseeable future.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“A simple life, a beautiful death”

Cheat Title: Basic Weapons

Effect: Obtain a set of basic weapons.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“You want freedom”

Cheat Title: Decrease Wanted Level

Effect: Decrease your character’s wanted level.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“You long for sight and see nothing”

Cheat Title: Fog of War

Effect: Unlocks the entire world map for you to see.

Unlock Requirements: Buy the Blackwater Ledger No. 66 or New Hanover Gazette No. 31, after completing the mission “Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern” in Chapter 3.

“Virtue unearned is not virtue”

Cheat Title: Increase Honor

Effect: Maxes out your Honor level.

Unlock Requirements: Buy the Blackwater Ledger No. 67b, after finishing the mission “Banking, the Old American Art” (Chapter 4).

“Greed is American Virtue”

Cheat Title: Heavy Weapons

Effect: Unlock the Mauser Pistol, Semi-Automatic Pistol, Pump Action Shotgun, and Bolt-Action Rifle

Unlock Requirements: Buy the Saint Denis Times No. 46 or Blackwater Ledger No. 65 after completing “Advertising, the New American Art” (Chapter 3.)

“You seek more than the world offers”

Cheat Title: Fortify Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars

Effect: Fortifies and restores your Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars.

Unlock Requirements: Buy the New Hanover Gazette No. 36 after completing “The King’s Son” mission in Chapter 6.

“Better than my dog”

Cheat Title: Increase Horse Whistle Range

Effect: Your horse will find you no matter how far apart you are

Unlock Requirements: None.

“The lucky be strong evermore”

Cheat Title: Increase Stamina

Effect: Get infinite stamina for you character and horse.

Unlock Requirements: Buy the Blackwater Ledger No. 68 after the mission “Dear Uncle Tacitus” (Chapter 5).

“You want punishment”

Cheat Title: Increase Wanted Level

Effect: Increase your character’s wanted level.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“Abundance is the dullest desire”

Cheat Title: Infinite Ammo

Effect: Get infinite ammo for all weapons.

Unlock Requirements: Buy the New Hanover Gazette No. 237 or Blackwater Ledger No. 62.

“Vanity. All is vanity”

Cheat Title: Own All Outfits

Effect: Own all available outfits.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“Balance. All is balance”

Cheat Title: Reset Honor

Effect: Reset your character’s Honor level back to Neutral.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“I shall be better”

Cheat Title: Set Dead Eye To Level 3

Effect: Dead Eye will be set to Level 3 by default.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“I seek and I find”

Cheat Title: Set Dead Eye To Level 5

Effect: Dead Eye will be set to Level 5.

Unlock Requirements: None.

Red Dead Gold Bar

“You flourish before you die”

Cheat Title: Set Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye bars to full

Effect: Restores all your character’s health, stamina, and Dead Eye energy.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“Would you be happier as a clown?”

Cheat Title: Spawn a Circus Wagon

Effect: Spawn a circus wagon.

Unlock Requirements: Purchase a Blackwater Ledger No. 73 after the Epilogue Part 2 concludes.

“Keep your dreams light”

Cheat Title: Spawn a Horse and Cart

Effect: Spawn a horse and cart.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“Run! Run! Run!”

Cheat Title: Spawn a Race Horse

Effect: Spawn a race horse.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“You want more than you have”

Cheat Title: Spawn a Superior Horse

Effect: Spawn a Superior Horse.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“Keep your dreams simple”

Cheat Title: Spawn a Wagon

Effect: Spawn a wagon.

Unlock Requirements: None.

“You are a beast built for war”

Cheat Title: Spawn a War Horse

Effect: Spawn a War Horse.

Unlock Requirements: Buy Blackwater Ledger No. 72 after the Epilogue Part 1.

“Death is silence”

Cheat Title: Stealth Weapons

Effect: Gives your character Throwing Knives, Machete, Poison Knives, Tomahawks, Homing Tomahawks.

Unlock Requirements: None.

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