Rainbow Six: Siege – Nomad Operator Guide

Welcome back, operator, to our coverage of the recent Operation Wind Bastion update for Rainbow Six: Siege. This operator guide will look at Nomad, the new attacker from the Moroccan GIGR who brings some tasty new guns and a repulsion grenade launcher to the battlefield.

Rainbow Six Nomad Guide

Unique Gadget – Airjab Launcher

Nomad comes equipped with her Airjab under-slung grenade launcher (regardless of which primary weapon you choose for her). The Airjab launches sticky, proximity-detonated repulsion grenades which knock operators to the ground when detonated. It temporarily disables them as they stumble back to their feet.

When used offensively, these grenades can be fired into corners and over cover, blasting entrenched defenders out of their positions. If combined with a coordinated push from the attacking team, the Airjab grenades can massively disrupt anchoring defenders.

On the flip side, Airjab grenades are also invaluable as a defensive tool. YOu can use them to protect attackers from flanking maneuvers. Once in the building, Nomad can lay down Airjab grenades behind her to act as proximity mines. This will stun and disable enemies who trigger them while also alerting others to your foes’ presence. You can even fire them down in front of you, creating a minefield to stop aggressive, shotgun-toting defenders from pushing forward.

Rainbow Six Nomad Guide

Nomad Weapons

Nomad has two options for primary weapons: the AK-74M and the ARX200. With a standard damage of 44 and 650 RPM rate of fire, the AK-74M is fine, but not mind-blowing. Where the AK-74M stands out is its magazine size. It sports a whopping 40 rounds per clip. So it’s well-suited to protracted firefights and aggressive pushes where reloading will likely to get you killed. The AK-74M’s recoil pattern is also quite easy to manage.

The other primary weapon on offer is the ARX200. This beefy assault rifle has a damage of 47 and a rate of fire of 750 RPM. That’s a much higher DPS than the AK-74M. But the ARX200’s weakness is its small clip size, with only 20 rounds in a magazine. As a result, the ARX200 is better suited to long-range exchanges, where you can utilize its high damage without getting caught with your pants down while reloading.

Nomad’s sidearm is the .44 Mag Semi-Auto. It’s a semi-automatic pistol with a built-in ACOG equivalent scope. Having such a powerful scope on such a high-caliber sidearm means the .44 Mag Semi-Auto acts more like a sniper or DMR than a pistol. The downside is that the scope is, well, built-in. You can’t take it off. As a result, you need to rely on your primary in close-range firefights.

Other Equipment and Stats

Nomad herself is a two-speed, two-armor operator. That means she’s fast enough to push the advantage her gadget generates, while being able to take a hit or two before she drops. She can choose to bring either breaching charges or stun grenades. As always, breaching charges are useful when you need to make your own door. Stun grenades pair well with the Airjab for when you absolutely need to make sure that no one in the room has any idea what’s going on.

Rainbow Six Nomad Guide

Tips and Tricks

The Airjab launcher is one of the most versatile gadgets in the game. Hands down. When covering your flank, try to hide the grenades from sight so your foes can’t neutralize them without alerting you. Placing them on the inner edge of doorways and under furniture is good, but be aware that the grenades require line of sight to proximity detonate.

Another word of caution when deploying Airjab grenades: while you and your teammates will not trigger the devices, they will knock down friendlies within the blast radius if the enemy triggers them. So watch where you’re firing.

One hilarious, but not necessarily useful feature of the Airjab launcher is that its grenades can launch enemies through destructible walls. This trick also works on deployable shields, castle barriers, and barricaded doors. Unfortunately, the defender doesn’t suffer any extra damage or recovery time as a result of their impromptu Kool-Aid Man impression.

Strong Against…

Nomad’s Airjab launcher is an incredibly solid counter to roaming defenders who specialize in flanking attacks. While anyone with a decent gun and speed can roam, you’re most likely to catch predatory operators like Caviera and Ela, using these proximity grenades.

The Airjab is also a potent weapon against Clash. The blast forces her to drop her shield and stow it on her back. This means her recovery time is even longer than other operators. Turn her into Swiss cheese as she struggles to re-equip her shield.

If you’re playing Secure Area or Disarm the Bomb game types, then Nomad’s Airjabs become effective area denial tools, preventing the defending team from getting back into the objective. You can even plant a grenade on the bomb defuser to deny any last-minute heroics.

Finally, the Airjab is exceptional at driving entrenched defenders out of cover. Defenders like Mira, Frost, and Kapkan all like to snuggle up in a corner somewhere on the objective. The Airjab grenade will quickly ruin their quiet night in. It hardly seems worth mentioning, but Nomad is obviously also very strong against Tachanka. Really, though, who isn’t at this point?

Rainbow Six Nomad Guide

Weak against

Jäger is a problem for Nomad, as his Active Defense devices can shoot her grenades out of the air. Given that Jäger is an extremely popular operator choice, teams should prepare accordingly and bring a Thatcher or Twitch to disable his devices before pushing the objective. Nomad players should also watch out for electrified walls, created by either Bandit or Kaid, as these will destroy any grenades that impact them before detonation.

Trap operators can also cause issues for Nomad. A well-placed Welcome Mat or Gu mine can quickly put a stop to aggressive pushes onto the objective. Be sure to drone the area thoroughly to avoid being caught out.

Nomad Outfits

As with all new operators, Nomad has a pretty limited selection of outfits available to her. This update’s universal uniform skin is Wind Bastion, a sickly yellow and orange camouflage. Owners of the Season 3 Pass have a better option, though, with the exclusive Bone Dry uniform and headgear (see below). The headgear for this set is especially nice, giving Nomad’s noggin a new look rather than just a recolor.

Rainbow Six Nomad Guide


Nomad is a solid all-rounder and a welcome addition to the team. They pack serious long-range firepower and a powerful gadget to stop enemies from closing the gap. The versatility of her Airjab launcher is also exceptional, allowing her to switch between slower, defensive gameplay and explosive assaults at a moment’s notice. Just be careful where you’re firing those things. Now get out there and knock ‘em dead (or at least through a wall).