Rainbow Six: Siege – Kaid Operator Guide

The latest update for Rainbow Six Siege, entitled Operation Wind Bastion, has just been released, bringing with it a new desert fortress map and a pair of operators from the Moroccan GIGR. We thought we’d look under the hood to see what makes these new operators tick, starting with Kaid. As a new defensive operator joining the fray, Kaid brings a new arsenal of weapons and his own unique gadget: the Electroclaw.

Unique Gadget – “Rtila” Electroclaw

Kaid comes equipped with two of these handy little devices and, as their name suggests, they electrify things. Once an Electroclaw is thrown down, any reinforced walls, hatches or barbed wire in its radius become electrified.

Electrified surfaces and barbed wire will damage enemies that touch them, while instantly destroying any breaching devices the attackers place on the wall. So far so Bandit, but what makes these Electroclaws so useful is their versatility. Unlike Bandit’s Electrical Devices, Kaid’s Electroclaws can be thrown and deployed on any surface. That includes walls and ceilings. This means Kaid can electrify roof hatches from the floor below, finally giving the defending team an extra layer of protection against through ceilings.

Kaid only gets two Electroclaws to Bandit’s four Electrical Devices, but they electrify anything within their radius. That allows them to cover two wall sections each. Bandit does maintain one key advantage over Kaid, though.

Veteran Siege will know the “Bandit trick.” That’s where Bandit waits until a thermite charge activates before putting down an Electrical Device to shock a wall, destroying said charge. Kaid’s Electroclaws have an activation delay, preventing such shenanigans and helping Bandit maintain his niche.

Rainbow Six Kaid Guide

Kaid Weapons

Kaid has two options for his primary weapons: the Aug A3 SMG and the TCSG12 shotgun. At first glance, they neatly mirror Bandit’s choices, as well. But the devil is in the details. The Aug A3 is technically an SMG, but the gun’s description clarifies that it’s actually a modified assault rifle of Kaid’s own design. The result is a strange beast that offers low damage and a lackluster rate of fire, but the option to attach a grip means you can achieve frankly astonishing accuracy for an SMG.

Kaid’s other weapon is equally bizarre. The TCSG12 is a semi-automatic slug-firing shotgun which comes with an ACOG scope option. Slug throwers are essentially modern-day cannons. So expect to ruin people’s day at mid-range with this beast. However, you won’t have the same explosive DPS or spread at close-range that shotguns usually bring.

Kaid’s sidearm is — you guessed it — weird. The .44 Mag Semi-Auto is a semi-automatic pistol (duh) with a built-in ACOG scope. This pistol hits like a truck, but the recoil is suitably dramatic to balance the immense firepower. The scope does counter-balance the short- to mid-range effectiveness of Kaid’s primary weapon options nicely. Yet the kick means you’ll need to land those headshots if you want to win long-range encounters.

Other Equipment and Stats

Kaid is a one-speed, three-armor operator. That means he’s slow, but tough in a fight. His gadgets make him a natural anchor, too, even though Kaid’s gadget doesn’t require any micromanagement once it’s deployed. As long as you lay down your Electroclaws before you scarper, you’re free to roam the map.

Alongside his other equipment, Kaid can bring either barbed wire or impact grenades for his final option. Barbed wire has obvious synergy with his Electroclaws, but both gadgets have their uses.

Rainbow Six Kaid Guide

Kaid Tips and Tricks

While his Electroclaws can do the same job as Bandit’s Electrical Devices, you should utilize the unique strengths of the gadget to bolster your team’s defenses. The ability to electrify roof hatches from below is game changing. It completely shuts down attacking teams who can’t counter the play.

The Electroclaws are also difficult to see when deployed, preventing attackers from quickly shooting them as they push through electrified barbed wire. Players have already realized that you can shoot holes into the floor and embed the Electroclaw in the gap. That hides it from prying eyes, basically shutting down an avenue of assault if the attackers can’t find it. Using the same logic, electrifying barbed wire under a window is another fantastic use of the Electroclaw.

Finally, while it’s harder to pull off, you can actually achieve the “Bandit trick” with Kaid’s devices to disable Hibana’s X-KAIROS pellets — assuming your timing is impeccable.

Strong Against…

Kaid is a direct counter to hard-breachers like Thermite and Hibana, who use gadgets to destroy reinforced walls. He’s also a fantastic counter to Maverick, if you’re using the devices to cover walls on the objective. While Bandit’s devices have to go on the floor, Kaid’s can appear anywhere along a wall’s surface. It vastly reduces Maverick’s chances of finding them.

Weak Against…

Thatcher will absolutely ruin your day with his EMP grenades. They instantly destroy any Electroclaws within range of their blast. There isn’t really a counter-counter to this — other than baiting out the grenades before deploying your gadgets.

To a lesser extent, Twitch also causes issues. Her drone can take out your Electroclaws (if she spots them). When it comes to the enemy locating your Electroclaws, IQ’s scanner will detect them, too, but she usually requires a teammate to actually deal with them.

Rainbow Six Kaid Guide

Kaid Outfits

As with all new Operators, Kaid has an extremely limited selection of outfits. This update’s universal uniform skin is Wind Bastion: a garish orange and yellow-colored desert camouflage that comes with a matching re-color for Kaid’s beret. Owners of the Season 3 Pass have another option to choose from though. It’s the exclusive Bone Dry uniform and headgear, seen below.

Rainbow Six Kaid Guide


At first, second, and third glance Kaid looks like Bandit Mk 2. However, a deep dive into the operator’s toolkit shows he compliments the German defender rather than replacing him. Kaid’s guns aren’t god tier, but they fill their own unique niches. His real power lies in his gadget, with the Electroclaws offering a substantial boost to the team’s defensive options. Given his crippling weakness to Thatcher’s EMP, it remains to be seen how competitive Kaid will be. For now, though, it looks like Kaid is a solid addition to Team Rainbow.