PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2 Lucky Draw Event Rewards – May 1, 2019

Anyone else getting Prototype vibes from this?

The PUBG x Resident Evil 2 crossover event continues this week with the release of “The Infected,” a new set of cosmetic items and currency rewards. Players of Tencent’s mobile take on the battle royale phenomenon can gamble their UC away on the Lucky Draw feature in the hopes of obtaining these exclusive and time-limited items until mid-May.

Up for grabs right now is the Infected Patient clothing set — a full body hazmat suit complete with an obviously infected left arm shedding the suit’s iconic orange plastic — and the R.P.D Dacia vehicle, a faithful recreation of Resident Evil 2‘s Raccoon City Police Department cruiser. Players of Resident Evil 2 will no doubt remember the car housing a valuable weapon upgrade in the parking lot (surrounded by murderous zombie dogs). You can complete the look with either the Mutation Mask or, for those who prefer to look a little less tainted by bioweapon leaks, the Umbrella Mask B.

With 0.01 and 0.02 percent drop chances for the Infected Patient Suit and the rest of the gear, respectively, don’t go expecting these iconic items on your first 30 UC Luck Draw roll. If you do manage the almost impossible, though, consider that your pull of the century. You’re done!

Instead, expect your first few pulls to get you any of the other six items featured in the PUBG x Resident Evil 2 Lucky Draw; like the Licker UMP9 skin, the Licker Finish plane skin, and currencies like Silver, Classic Coupon Scrap, Premium and Regular Crate Coupon Scraps.

You’re guaranteed to net every item on your 10th pull, but with odds increasing as you cross off items with each roll, real lucky players might get all the good stuff way before then. Just be prepared for a bigger UC investment than you might initially expect.

PUBG Mobile RE2 Lucky Draw May items

The current PUBG x Resident Evil 2 Lucky Draw event kicked off on May 1 and will last around two weeks, presumably making way for another round of rewards on May 15.

The PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2 crossover event kicked off on February 19 with the PUBG Mobile v0.11.0 update, just a couple of weeks after the release of Capcom’s much anticipated remake of the PS1 classic survival horror sequel.

Initially released with the Zombie: Survive Till Dawn game mode, it pitted PUBG Mobile players against each other as normal on the Erangel map but introduced zombies and iconic Resident Evil 2 bosses into the fold for an added layer of fear.

PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2

Following version update 0.12.0 on April 16, the mode changed to Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2, adding more enemies (like zombie dogs), more agile zombies, and a variety of other changes included in the official patch notes. It also added another new collaboration event – Zombie: Darkest Night – that pitted teams against the zombie horde for one long night of survival horror carnage.

The whole event is an odd mix given the game being promoted isn’t even available on mobile. This is only made even more peculiar as the collaboration isn’t even featured in the console or PC versions of PUBG where Resident Evil 2 can actually be played. We don’t yet know when the collaboration will come to a close, but given it has already lasted longer than Resident Evil 2‘s DLC plans, it could live on in PUBG Mobile a while longer yet.

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