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PUBG Mobile Violet Blossom & Foxy Suit - How to Get the Player-Made Skins

People are already calling the Foxy Suit PUBG Mobile's best skin yet.

PUBG Mobile is all about the fashion. It always has been. It’s a bit like Final Fantasy XIV in that regard. Everyone yearns to look and feel a certain way while they pepper each other with bullets in a futile attempt to score a hot meal. Every player asks for a certain type of outfit they’d like to see added to the game. Not many get to actually design their own, yet two people did. So for “Cyber Week,” costumes made by two PUBG Mobile players can be yours. You can’t buy them outright, but if you’re lucky enough with the Cyber Points box, you’ll be able to add them to your collection.

From Nov. 21–Dec. 5, the Foxy Suit and Violet Blossom sets are available as part of the Cyber Week event. But how you get these two distinct outfits can differ. Both are available through the game’s usual gacha methods, but if you want to be PUBG Mobile‘s new furry mascot, there’s another way: Daily Missions and the resulting Cyber Points.

Here's how to get the Voilet Blossom set in PUBG Mobile.

How to Pull for the Violet Blossom and Foxy Suit Sets in PUBG Mobile

Each day throughout the duration of the Cyber Week event, you can complete three simple daily missions to earn Cyber Points. Get enough of these and you can exchange them for pieces of the Foxy Suit set designed by Siham Bouyerbou. Temporarily, at least. 200 Cyber Points will let you wear the Foxy Suit Cover for three days. After that, you’ll need 800 of them to loan the Foxy Suit Set to complete the look. Tencent being sneaky, though, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to get enough Cyber Points through the daily missions alone to get the full outfit before the Cover expires.

To manage that, you’ll need to indulge in the final objective on the list: “Get 1 additional Cyber Point for every UC you spend.” So if you want to borrow the full suit, you’ll need to get spending. That can be on anything you want. Keep pulling in whatever crates and promotions include some other goodies you might want, and you’ll hit that 1,100 Cyber Points mark in no time. For that, you’ll get a permanent Foxy Suit Cover to go along with the seven-day Foxy Suit Set. So you’ll be good to go: for a little while, at least.

Interestingly, though, you can claw a good chunk of this UC back. Also on the page is the Lemon Fresh set. Available for 480 UC, you should be able to claim the cost back through the rebate tab just above it. You’ll still have to spend cash to get the UC needed, but spending it here will get you a unique skin, the equivalent in Cyber Points, and the UC cost put back into your account to use on whatever you want, getting you a total of 960 Cyber Points.

With the Daily Missions cleared as well, you should get enough Cyber Points to cross the finish line, where the Violet Blossom Set designed by Atlanta De Guzman sits behind the Cyber Week Exclusive Pack crate. Every 100 Cyber Points you accumulate at this point will unlock another pull in the crate, where you’ll be able to get both of the player-made skins with enough luck.

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