PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes Guide: What It Is and All Crystal Effects

It's Runic Power on a gargantuan scale!

PUBG Mobile 1.4 and its titular collaboration bring a bunch of sweeping changes to the vanilla Battle Royale experience. With Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla prowling around three different maps, your survival isn’t down to just other players. Though they won’t come and hunt you down specifically, the Legendary monsters of Godzilla vs. Kong fame will put you down should you happen to be in their path. Play it smart, though, and you use what these beasts leave behind to increase your chances of coming out alive — and with a chicken dinner in your belly, no less. But how does each map and its chosen monster affect the battles you’re sure to have? It’s all here in this PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes guide.

PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes mode Godzilla

What is the Titan Strikes mode in PUBG Mobile?

First and foremost, we need to establish what the Titan Strikes mode is. It launched in a staggered state on patch day, but it’s now in full swing, with all three Legendary monsters up and roaming around the game’s signature maps.

In this mode, Classic BR rules still apply. It’s a typical Last Man Standing situation, only with one big monster per map adding a little extra risk and reward to the lengthy ordeal. Whether you’re on Erangel, Sanhok, or Livik, Godzilla, Kong, or Mechagodzilla will breach the surrounding waters of their respective map as you drop in. Each of these beasts will travel along the terrain on a unique route outlined on the map, bashing down new Apex Expeditionary Camps dotted around the place, leaving powerful crystals behind, and bonking the dangerous Skullcrawlers littered around the landscape.

No amount of gunfire will fell these behemoths, but that’s not the point: treat them with respect and they’ll play a big part in carrying you to victory. Get too brazen, and you’ll die a swift death.

Titan Strikes crystal effects

All Titan Strikes Crystal Effects

One of the key mechanics of the Titan Strikes mode comes in the form of crystals left behind by the map’s giant monster. The effects of these crystals differ on each map, making all three zones completely unique. Crystals drop from beneath a monster that’s accumulated enough energy. Like the Red Zone, the phenomenon is announced to the whole map. Once that happens, expect a bunch of players to converge on the location hoping to bag one of the potentially game-deciding gems. Here’s how each Titan Strikes crystal effect will shake up the meta of your favorite map:

Livik Crystal – Mechagodzilla

The red Mechagodzilla crystal acts as a radar or UAV when used, highlighting nearby enemy locations around the player. If you see the scanning effect on the map, you should probably be on your guard.

Sanhok Crystal – Kong

This gold-colored rock boosts the user’s running speed and jump height, making them appear not too dissimilar to a common hacker. This particular gem has been known to cause some game-breaking bugs, though, so there’s a good chance it’ll be removed or replaced before the event ends.

Erangel Crystal – Godzilla

The Godzilla crystal is the only one of the three that deals any actual damage. Toss it like a grenade or apple and you’ll knock your target back, burning them with radiation in the process. It’s a little like one of the Runic Power buffs from the previous update. Use this on a monster camp to deal heavy damage, speeding up the process of bagging some powerful loot without risking you and your ammo in the process.

Titan Strikes Apex camp

How to loot Apex Expeditionary Camps

Toggle your chosen monster’s travel path on the map and you’ll notice it passes through a bunch of new markets on the map. These are Apex Expeditionary Camps, and the beasts themselves have a great disdain for what they stand for. As they pass by these buildings, the monsters will take a minute to smash them apart, cracking open their concrete exterior like an Easter egg to reveal powerful loot in the process. You shouldn’t get in the way of a kaiju bashing these brutalist buildings, but wait until they’re on the road again, and you’ll be able to sneak in and gather the goods.

The final thing to watch out for in a Titan Strikes match is the existence of monster camps. Similar to the since removed Metro Royale mode, each map has designated mob areas, where NPC monsters are ready and waiting to rip you to shreds. A kaiju passing through these areas will annihilate the threats on their own, turning it into a makeshift red zone you won’t want to be in. Kill the monsters yourself or happen to come across the path of destruction long after the map’s own goliath has blow it up, though, and you’ll score some pretty powerful loot.

Titan Strikes how to beat monster camps

How to Beat Monster Camps

Monster camps come in three difficulties levels indicated with markers on the map. The easiest ones can be taken on with little more than a few shotgun shots, but the larger ones take some serious fire power. Bring a Godzilla crystal, stacks of LMG ammo, or just wait for the map’s behemoth to melt them for you. Just don’t be nearby when it happens. If one follows you to a monster’s vicinity, you’ll bear the brunt of their beams as well. You have been warned.

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