PUBG Mobile Secret Stash Guide: How to Get Air Drop Bronze & Free UC

Is it free if you need to work for it?

PUBG Mobile 1.4 features one of the game’s most involved crossovers to date, and with it, a bunch of different currency events virtually every week. One of these is the Titan Strikes: Secret Stash redemption banner. It does a poor job of explaining itself, but what’s clear is that you can use it to claim two helpings of 200 UC for free — so long as you commit to using the voucher against an outfit worth at least 800 UC. It’s not completely free in that regard, but it’s a sizable discount for anyone already eyeballing a cool new skin. So how do you get it? By performing well in battle.

PUBG Mobile Secret Stash rewards

How to Get Air Drop (Bronze) for the PUBG Mobile Secret Stash Event

Until early June, you can get free UC by earning and redeeming Air Drop Bronze collectibles. Again, the event page does a poor job of explaining where to get these; but it’s actually quite easy — if not a little limited. To get Air Drop Bronze tokens, all you need to do is complete Titan Strikes: Survival Challenge missions, which you’ll find on the tab just above the current event. All you need to do is complete three matches for three tokens. Kill eight enemies along the way and you’ll clear two extra missions, netting you another 10 tokens. These three missions can be repeated daily for a grand total of 13 Air Drop Bronze tokens per day.

You only need 30 for each 200 UC voucher, so you should be able to earn the full 400 UC prize in just under a week. And extra Air Drop Bronze tokens can then be spent on Mission Cards to help with Season 19 missions, simple Yellow Stripes skins for the M16A4 and AKM, or event Crate Scraps and BP in a pinch. And don’t worry if the Survival Challenge event page says it’s about to expire: the Secret Stash event won’t end until June 6, so expect another collection method to show up before then.

How to get Air Drop Bronze tokens in PUBG Mobile

The best part about all this is that you don’t even need to take part in the larger Titan Strikes event if you don’t want to. The two aforementioned missions and their Air Drop Bronze reward can be claimed through any Classic match: with or without the collaboration modifier or not. Though you can easily rack up the 800 damage condition by farming Skullcrawlers and other smaller monsters on the event maps, you’re free to dodge the event entirely if you’re just after the prizes and not the new gameplay mechanics.

One final thing to note is that even if you’re not currently in the market for a new skin, the dual 200 UC Outfit Vouchers are still the better prizes to go for throughout this event. Both weapon skins cost around the same price yet expire after three days of use, and the S19 Mission Card, as you’d expect, expires when the season comes to a close in July. The voucher will theoretically last a lifetime, so you could grab both, forget about them for a year, then come back to heavily discounted dream skin later down the line. PUBG Mobile outfits aren’t cheap, but when one strikes your fancy, they’re evidently hard to resist.

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